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Hyun A has new tattoos? Tattoo stocking is the new it-item for girl groups

[by Kim Hee oak / translated by Joy Kim] K-pop idol stars are now in tattoo stockings. 

To look trendy, unique, and stylish idol stars are always searching for new fashion items. Using various patterns, colors, textures, and even mix-and-matching the items they are now at the front border of fashion. Now they are into stockings.  

It all began with Wonder Girls’ So hee when she wore printed stocking on stage. Because they had prints on sheer stockings, people started to call it as ‘Tattoo stockings’. Starting from simple designs, now various prints and patterns are used for stockings.   

First they wore on stages to show off their concepts and glamour and then they started wear them off the stages as well.  

Using colors, designs, and drawings, K-pop idol stars’ stocking are evolving. Here are some examples from them 

To glam up, use the idea from the stage costumes 

Most glamorous style with stockings would be stage costumes of girl groups. Because they are on stage, they go for bold and daring looks. 

Recently, Girls Generation’s Sunny wore vintage style military jacket with micro pants and wore stockings with geometrical prints. Narsha, from Brown Eyed Girls wore a stocking with suspender belt print at her concert. 

Matching micro pants, leather jacket and faux fur items to tattoo stockings will look even more unique and trendy. 

Celebrity Airport fashion’s must-have-item 

On stage or not, idol stars are not afraid to wear tattoo stockings. Idol stars show great example of matching tattoo stocking with everyday look and even to airport fashions.  

With oversized top and micro-pants, printed stocking will catch people’s eyes. Also wearing a beanie or a cap will look like K-pop girl groups in girlish hip-hop style. 

Miss A’s Zia wore skull patterned stocking with denim looking casual and trendy. Hyun A wore denim jacket, white micro-pants with printed stocking saying ‘Let there be rock’. 

To look feminine using tattoo stocking 

Nana, from Orange caramel wore a heart printed stocking with sha skirt, jersey jacket, and printed t-shirt. Also singer Kim So jung wore it with dotted blouse and black short pants.  

Tattoo stockings does not go well with lovely styles so style with feminine items and give a twist by wearing metal or studded items which matches well with tattoo stockings. (photo by bntnews DB, Style Nanda) 

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