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Greek people are yearning for opportunity: George Logothetis

Greek people are yearning for opportunity: George Logothetis

The 5th annual Concordia Summit in New York City took place Oct. 1-2. It brought together over 600 leaders from the public, private and non-profit sectors to examine some of the world’s most pressing challenges, including mental health, youth unemployment and global food security. Guest speakers included thought-leaders in business and politics, including Vice President Joe Biden.

George Logothetis, Chairman on the Leadership Council of Concordia and CEO of the Libra Group says, “Concordia acts as a convener to bring people together because ultimately, if you bring people together, ideas get exchanged and actions get taken.”

One action the Libra Group has taken is helping today’s youth find meaningful employment. The New York based international business group offers 100 internships annually to college undergraduates from around the world. Interns get to work for six months in one of the Libra Group subsidiaries in shipping, aviation, hotels and hospitality, real estate, renewable energy, and others.

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“It can have a profound effect on their lives,” Logothetis tells Yahoo Finance. “It gives young people hope, courage, confidence and they always stand taller when they leave.”

Interns can be placed in key international locations including New York, Miami, London, Buenos Aires, and Athens.

The idea for the internship program was born out of the Greek financial crisis. The Libra Group wanted to give bright and motivated Greek and Greek American students business opportunities. Logothetis’ family hails from Greece and the Libra Group is heavily invested there.

“It is strategically situated in the world, so it has a lot of geopolitical importance,” Logothetis explains. “The Libra Group treats Greece as a hub for its businesses in North Africa and Romania.”

With recent government elections behind them, Logothetis says Greece has something it hasn’t had in a long time – political stability and believes that will help make it more attractive to foreign investors.

“It is a place of latent, untapped human capital. There are people in Greece who are yearning for the opportunity, to be given the opportunity.”