Great Atlantic Resources Partners Up with Renowned "Treasure Finder" Avard D. Hudgins

New York, NY, December 7, 2012/Resource Newswire/ - Great Atlantic Resources Corp. (TSX-V:GR - "Great Atlantic" or the "Company"), is a Canadian exploration company focused on the discovery and development of mineral deposits in Atlantic Canada, focusing on the #1 high risk commodities on the planet as ranked by the British Geological Survey in 2012 - Antimony, Tungsten and Gold. The majority of the Company's projects are located in New Brunswick, which was recently announced by the Fraser Institute as the number one mining region in the world. For a full copy of the Fraser Institute's news release dated February 23, 2012 please click here.

Great Atlantic has recently partnered with renowned "Treasure Finder" Avard D. Hudgins on the Lansdowne Antimony Gold property in Digby County, Nova Scotia on which it has been awarded a $25,000 grant from the Nova Scotia Mineral Incentive Program Fund.

Mr. Hudgins has been instrumental in the success of several mines, his big three being: Lake Enon celestite mine on Cape Breton Island, Gays River lead-zinc mine in central Nova Scotia and East Kemptville tin-copper-zinc mine in Yarmouth County. He was profiled in the August 2012 edition of the Canadian Mining Journal in which Mr. Hudgins' background and success in the exploration industry is detailed. For a copy of the profile please click here.

Mining Review Online, an online periodical that provides news, updates and industry insights on undervalued and high growth potential resource companies, was recently granted an interview by Mr. Hudgins who answered questions about his success in Atlantic Canada and his partnership with Great Atlantic Resources Corp. on the Lansdowne project. The interview can be read at:

The Editors of Mining Review Online have stated: "Great Atlantic has made a great strategic move in partnering with such a successful and respected member of the geological fraternity. We are very interested in learning more about the Lansdowne property, which Avard D. Hudgins has endorsed as having great potential for antimony and gold deposits."

A detailed review on Great Atlantic can be found at:

As Great Atlantic continues to position itself in Atlantic Canada, a politically stable and sovereign region with a rich history of producing gold mines and eager to promote its resource industry, Great Atlantic is well situated to build shareholder value over the long term.


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