Global Payout Provides its MoneyTrac™ Consolidated Payment Gateway For WCM777 Limited



SAN DIEGO, Sept. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Payout, Inc. (OTC Pink: GOHE) has received a signed agreement with WCM777, to provide an international payment gateway for its members to access and manage their earnings. WCM777 is a sales and marketing affiliate of World Capital Market, Inc., registered in the British Virgin Islands. World Capital Market, Inc., is a global merchant banking and advisory firm with branches and strategic joint venture partners in Beijing, Shanghai, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Israel, and Tokyo.

WCM777 products include personal and small business cloud based services, a web based music station, an electronic library with over 100,000 Chinese books on-line, and a customer loyalty points program. Currently WCM has over 16,000 members located mainly in China, USA, Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. Global Payout will provide each of WCM777 affiliates with an electronic wallet to receive commission payouts and to redeem loyalty points on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

WCM777 has been growing at more than 4,000 new members each month. The Consolidated Payment Gateway will enable WCM777 affiliates to access cash without the expense and time of receiving and depositing checks.   WCM777 members will now be able to access their payouts through their bank account, or at any ATM on the same day of commission payments. In addition, the Gateway offers an option for each member to request an International or Domestic Prepaid Card which is linked to their electronic wallet account. The account can also be used to purchase WCM777 products directly.

"We are fortunate to provide all of WCM777 payout requirements, and anticipate adding additional international regions based upon their growth for 2014 and 2015," says James L. Hancock, CEO, Global Payout, Inc.

"Our members will be extremely pleased to know that they can access their commissions on the Gateway platform regardless of country residency" says Liu Zhi, CEO of WCM777. "This Gateway platform provides the right payment solution and will greatly assist our members in receiving timely and secure payments. "

About Global Payout, Inc.

Global Payout, Inc.,, headquartered in San Diego, California, is a management consultant services company and program manager offering companies electronic payment and prepaid card solutions.  Global Payout has a product line of prepaid products that can be utilized off the shelf or the company can customize payment solutions for qualified businesses.  Through Global Payout's processors and solution providers, the company offers both international and domestic payment solutions.  The company provides for U.S. and international prepaid cards allowing account holders without bank accounts to access funds worldwide. As program manager, reseller and consultant, Global Payout is a provider of prepaid cards in the U.S. for payroll and general spend programs.  Additionally, Global Payout offers an electronic payment platform that will allow transfer of money to bank accounts, credit and debit cards, prepaid cards and remittance locations, worldwide.

About WCM777 Limited

Headquartered in Hong Kong and with an operating office in The City of Industry, California, 

WCM777 is leading the social capital revolution after the Facebook Social Networks revolution. It aims to create a trustworthy and common wealth community by integrating social networks, E-commerce, offline marketplace, cloud computing technology and a customer loyalty points program. The company is committed to catching the wave of market trends of cloud computing and constantly developing new products to serve the community with love and humility!

World Capital Market Inc., the majority shareholder of WCM777, was named as one of the 100 greatest international investment institutions selected in China in 2008. The founder and chairman of World Capital Market, Dr. Xu Ming, was honored as one of the world's Top Ten Outstanding Chinese Investors of that same year in China.

Mr. Liu Zhi is the CEO of WCM777. With outstanding contributions in social services, Mr. Liu won a Presidential Champion Award - Gold, which is awarded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 2011.

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