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Gaza Prime Minister No Longer Has an Office to Work From

Connor Simpson
Gaza Prime Minister No Longer Has an Office to Work From

Gaza's Prime Minister no longer has an office. The latest Israeli offensive took out his headquarters along with the headquarters for the police and hameland security. After the two countries tried and failed to adopt a truce on Friday, things haven't really let up. Israel attacked Gaza Saturday morning, targeting government offices because Hamas "makes no distinction between its terrorist military machine and the government structure," according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel committed 200 air strikes on the Gaza Strip on Satruday morning that also took out a network of smuggling tunnels along with the government offices. 

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The conflict hasn't been totally one sided, though. Israel's "Iron Dome" defense system had to go back to work on Saturday morning to deflect a rocket heading for Tel-Aviv. Israel says the Iron Dome has intercepted over 250 rockets launched from Gaza since Wednesday, but this was the first time it had to protect Tel Aviv. The interception was caught on video: 

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