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A frou frou boob tube and metallic pink trousers: the outfits readers can’t wait to wear

Guardian readers
·7 min read

My kitten heels

I cannot wait to wear my kitten heels again. They live in my porch and have been gathering dust but they twinkle and wink at me. I am sick of wearing flat shoes … I cannot wait to wear my fabulous heels again.
Anne-Marie Newland, yoga teacher trainer, Leicester

My Marimekko silk dress

I agonised over buying a silk Marimekko dress as it was £350 – way more than I would normally spend. But I wanted something special for my 50th birthday party on 7 March 2020. I justified it as I knew I had lots of other 50th parties to go to that year and I’d get a lot of wear out of it. How wrong I was! My party was the last big bash that most people went to. My husband and best friend both have 50th parties planned this year so I’m hoping to wear it again then. It symbolises a much freer time.
Sophie McCready, London

A red dress

There are lots of clothes waiting in my closet waiting, but one particular red dress has taken my fancy. It’s ankle-length, chiffon and has spaghetti straps. I want to wear it to a beach with a straw hat and cat’s-eye sunglasses. I will have a spring in my step and a smile on my face.
Bhumika Singh, artist, India

New jeans and a cute top

I am one of those people who got really into fitness during the pandemic, and have had to overhaul my wardrobe as a result. I’ve been living in leisurewear and huge baggy jumpers for so long, I can’t wait to turn up to the pub in this outfit and makeup again. That first pint will feel amazing.
Rachel Morgan, marketing, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

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A dress for the first time outside the home

Lockdown has given me the chance to learn more about my gender identity and expression. I am assigned male at birth, but recently have been feeling more non-binary and/or gender fluid. Lockdown has seen me wearing scrubs to work daily but has allowed me to explore wearing a dress at home. I look forward to being able to do so with friends outside home so it doesn’t feel as much of a big secret. I’ve got one that I really like, which is dark pink. I would complete the look with Air Jordans.
Anonymous, junior doctor

My tailored suit

At Huddersfield secondhand market, I was lucky to find enough finest worsted yarn for a suit. I took it with me on holiday to Turkey where I sought out a master tailor. He made a beautiful bespoke suit. I returned on Friday 13 March, just before the start of the lockdowns and travel bans. I am desperate to go on the sort of holiday where I can wear my bespoke suit again.
Tim Millea, unpaid carer, Huddersfield

These fuchsia faux suede heels

I bought these beautiful, if ridiculous, heels in the Wigan Debenhams sale just before the last lockdown and before it was due to close for ever (it has since had a stay of execution). They were a steal at about £30 and I can’t wait for a chance to wear them from cab to dinner table in a nice restaurant with my partner – indoors like civilised people, not huddled round a patio heater.
Nicky Tate, project manager, Smethwick, West Midlands

The whole outfit is planned

I got divorced in the first lockdown and am nervous about this one lifting, so planning my wardrobe helps to give me something to look forward to. The outfit I cannot wait to wear is a fake leather, black miniskirt with a tartan shirt and chunky black biker boots. The boots are lace-up with a black buckled cuff that goes over the top of the laces. I have a navy cashmere knee-length coat from Marks and Spencer, so if it’s cold I will wear that with a 20-year-old pale grey, cashmere Gap scarf. If it’s warm, I will wear a cropped zip-up hoodie over the shirt (unzipped) instead. I will wear my favourite lipstick, Bobbi Brown’s Bahama Brown, with quite a lot of eyeliner and mascara.
Alexandra Ashby, financial sector administrator, Oxford

My women’s football club kit

I founded a girls and women’s football club, GEPS 20 FC. Our home kit came to mind when I read this question. It’s a light blue shirt with a button-up collar and dark blue sleeves, dark blue shorts and light blue socks, as well as my trusted boots. Sadly, we haven’t been able to play football since 1 November and it doesn’t look like we’ll be back on the pitch soon, as things in Vienna are a little dire at the moment. I can’t wait for the first day I’ll put the kit back on and our head coach, my best mate, tells me: “Go be a nuisance up front!”
Julia Raffalt, hospital administrator, Vienna

The ultimate frou-frou, girl-band-worthy boob tube

Before the pandemic, I pre-planned my outfits for the week ahead, taking into consideration social events and the weather. Now, with lockdown and working from home, I’ve been stuck in a never-ending cycle of slogan T-shirts and my running kit. But with outdoor gatherings recently, I can feel my old self slowly coming back. I have booked somewhere for my birthday and plan to wear this, the most “me” top I own. And I’ve just rented some shimmering, metallic pink trousers to go with it. A friend once told me that my wardrobe is what little girls wish theirs will be like when they grow up.
Amy Lo, journalist, London

These gorgeous peep-toe shoes

I bought the shoes online deep in lockdown and they are desperate to be worn. But I must try them around the house before going out as I’ve only worn heels once in the past 12 months and may splat on the pavement.
Sue Nicholson, retired slob, Tyneside

This linen suit

I bought this suit from a charity shop for £10 in Marlborough six years ago and have only worn it once to a rather dull family christening. I think there was a grey dress code, which I ignored. I have been told it is more banana colour than white. Hopefully, it will have an outing or two this summer.
Josh, teacher, the Cotswolds

Two words: Massive. Dresses.

After months of hibernating in boring old loungewear, I’m dying for big, massive, obnoxiously high-fashion gowns. I want dancefloor-ready dresses so huge I’ll struggle to walk through doorways. In retina-meltingly-bright colours. Worn for all and any occasions, including popping down the shops. I want to sashay into my vaccine appointment like a one-woman parade. I’ve been pining over this Molly Goddard tulle extravaganza, despite the fact that it costs more than I make in a month. I even briefly considered attempting to make my own homage despite nonexistent sewing skills. Molly, if you’re reading this and fancy making a girl die of joy this summer, hit me up.
Carole, arts producer, London

‘The outfit I haven’t been able to wear enough is my karate gi’

I was unfortunate to catch Covid just before lockdown one and despite my strong health, I am now a Covid long-hauler. Last summer, I seemed to be on the road to recovery and was able to train again carefully. Sadly, and as many long-haulers will recognise, I relapsed and had to drop out of training altogether after Christmas. I am getting back on track and the promise of returning to my beloved sport is a real motivator. Keeping my gi ready on the back of my bedroom door reminds me: this too shall pass.
Flo van Diemen van Thor, executive coach, Oxfordshire