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Can I do friends a favor and submit their vote-by-mail ballots? There’s a rule for that

Carli Teproff
·1 min read

Your vote-by-mail ballot is filled out and signed properly. Now what?

You’ve ruled out mailing it back. And dropping it off at a Supervisor of Elections office or at an early voting site is not convenient.

Can someone do it for you? The answer is yes.

According to Florida law, “any person can collect and return other voters’ voted absentee ballots to the Supervisor of Elections.”

But the Broward Supervisor of Elections office warns voters to know who they are giving their ballot to.

“Do not give your ballot to a stranger,” the office said.

Miami-Dade has an ordinance on the books that requires a person to name a designee to turn in their ballot, but the office said they often defer to the state law.

The exception: No one can do it for “pecuniary or other beneficial exchange.”

The rule to apply for a vote-by mail ballot is different.

Any registered voter — or an immediate family member or legal guardian — can request an absentee ballot. But that deadline is fast approaching.

All vote-by-mail requests vote-by-mail requests must be received by the supervisors of elections office by 5 p.m. Saturday.

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