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Freedom Hosting II Hack — 381K Emails, Child Porn Messages Leaked: $25K For Baby

Paula Mooney

Freedom Hosting II Hack: 381K Emails, Child Porn Users Texts Leak: $25K For Baby

There has been a big hacking of the so-called “Dark Web,” when an Anonymous hacker hacked into the web hosting firm named Freedom Hosting II, a “no questions asked” type of hosting company on the part of the Internet that is harder for non-technical folks to access. Although Freedom Hosting II reportedly claimed to have a zero tolerance policy for child pornography, the Anonymous member who hacked the dark web claimed to have taken more than 10,000 websites down — with claims that a large portion of them contained child pornography.

As reported by the Mirror, the Anonymous hacker did not initially intend to take down Freedom Hosting II. However, after noticing what the hacker called were plenty of scam sites hosted by Freedom Hosting II and plenty of child pornography websites, the plan to take down thousands of websites was enacted. And the hacker didn’t stop there — but reportedly leaked email addresses, passwords, and usernames onto the dark web and beyond from the child porn sites, exposing some of the users of those sites.

According to “Have I Been Pwned?,” the Freedom Hosting II hacking occurred in January 2017. Folks can use the “Have I Been Pwned?” website to enter their email addresses to see if they have been a member of any data breaches, although it’s unclear how much they’ve updated their database with the leaked compromised data from Freedom Hosting II as of this writing. The below tweet shows 21 percent of the leaked email addresses were already compromised, so the Freedom Hosting II leaked emails are likely in the “Have I Been Pwned?” database for searching.

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