Ford Bronco, Ranger Recalled For Loose Lug Nuts.

2022 ford bronco in eruption green
Ford Bronco, Ranger Recalled For Loose Lug Nuts. Ford

The Ford Motor Company just issued a recall for some 1,434 Bronco and Rangers models from the 2023 model year due to improperly installed lug nuts that could result in wheel detachment, aka wheels falling off. Of the vehicles included in the recall, Ford estimates that 19 percent of the trucks and SUVs are impacted by the poorly installed components.

Ford states that the cause of the Bronco and Ranger recall can be traced back to the vehicles’ home at Michigan Assembly Plant. The automaker further clarified that the issue comes as the result of an automated tool used to torque lug nuts being down for repair. The automaker has procedures in place for when equipment like this goes down, but unfortunately the manual installation left some trucks with mismatched torque specs across the left side lug nuts. This can lead to an increase in noise and vibration while on the road, as well as a potential safety hazard should things get a bit too loose. Nobody wants to have a wheel fall off, but that’s particularly true in a vehicle that’s made to spend its time away from populated highways. The recall notice states that 992 Bronco and 442 Rangers are affected, specifically trucks built between February 9-13th of this year.

robots weld ranger bodies in the body shop at michigan assembly plant

Ford is not currently aware of any accidents or injuries related to the loose lug nuts. That said, the automaker did make mention of an instance where a detached wheel made contact with another vehicle. Customers are being advised not to drive their Ford Bronco or Ranger models until a technician is able to verify the torque specs on the left side of the trucks. Ford is offering in-dealer and mobile repair options for those impacted. Owners can expect notification from the Blue Oval in the near future with further instructions. Ford is also providing the torque specs for owners who feel confident in addressing the problem themselves. That said, the automaker insists that every vehicle should be inspected for component damage regardless of who adjusts the torque. Owners should contact their respective dealer for more information as needed.

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