Florida Homeowners: Keep Your Home

Local Non-Profits Join Together to Help Homeowners in Florida Stay in Their Homes
Some households may receive as much as $42,000 in mortgage payment assistance

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., July 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Florida homeowners struggling with home loans and mortgages are encouraged to attend a special event on August 3, 2013 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Mary Immaculate Catholic Church (390 Sequoia Dr, West Palm Beach, FL). The event is supported by State Congressman Mark Pafford who will give a special presentation at 10 a.m. Sponsors include PNC Bank and The Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County. One on one counseling sessions will be conducted by DebtHelper.com, The Urban League of Palm Beach County and Consumer Credit Management Services. Representatives of Legal Aid and Workforce Alliance will also attend to provide additional resources for homeowners.

"Most homeowners in distress are aware that they can try to get a loan modification, but many are unemployed, lost 2nd jobs, had their hours cut or have seen their own businesses fall on difficult times. They may not make enough money to modify right now and they need a lifeline," said Kevin Maher, Credit Card Management Services, Inc.  "There are free programs that may be able to give them that lifeline to help them stay in their homes until they can get their income back up to where they can either start paying their mortgages again or at least have a shot at getting that modification."

Households are facing the inability to make mortgage payments or draining savings to stay current because of lost income due to layoffs, reductions in hours or salaries or for the self employed individuals, a reduction in business due to the economy. In many cases, the remaining household income simply is not enough to obtain a loan modification from the lender. Very few people are aware that there are free programs that may help people facing such hardships. Often these households fall victim to scams making unrealistic promises, taking money from desperate individuals and making their situation even worse. Households in distress also tend to be more easily manipulated when it comes to fair housing laws and a lack of knowledge on what lenders, realtors, homeowner associations and landlords can and cannot do to them.

This event was created by local non-profit HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Agencies, DebtHelper.com, The Urban League of Palm Beach County, Consumer Credit Management Services and the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County to bring awareness to programs that can help households facing these hardships and directly help them to get qualified for the assistance they need. Assistance ranges from money to help bring mortgages current, reduce the amount of the delinquency, make payments for up to a year or special forbearances to keep mortgages from falling behind or falling further behind. Attorneys will be on hand to give free advice on fair housing issues as well as legal questions about foreclosure.

On August 3rd, struggling homeowners will have the opportunity to sit down with counselors from local Hud-Approved Housing Counseling Agencies and discuss their options, find out if they are eligible for one of the special programs for people who have lost income or to begin or restart the process of obtaining a loan modification. For the households that do not have the income right now to modify their loan but still hope to be able to keep the home, we are hoping that we can get people involved with programs that can help give them the time they need to get back to work or increase their incomes before they lose their homes to foreclosures.

Millions of dollars from the National Foreclosure Settlement are being used to speed up the foreclosure process within the state of Florida. This means that struggling homeowners could be running out of time to reach an agreement with their lenders to stay in their homes. This event is being held to specifically target those households that are trying to increase their income before they lose their homes.


PNC Bank- Lucy Carr, Assistant Vice President, Community Consultant

Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County- Amanda Kleinrock, Attorney, Fair Housing Project

Participating Agencies:

DebtHelper.com- Kevin Maher, Community Outreach Coordinator

Urban League of Palm Beach County- Tammy Anderson, Vice President of Programs

Consumer Credit Management Services- Darish Still, Executive Director

Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County- Amanda Kleinrock, Attorney, Fair Housing Project

WorkForce Alliance