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Finance, Family, and Freedom - Understanding To The Moon's Success

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 9, 2019 / How these three young co-founders built To The Moon, the company that is dominating the Crypto and Forex Markets

Q: Who are you three?

Michael: I'm Michael Shimeles, CEO and Co-Founder of TTM, I was born in Toronto, Canada but lived most of my life in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. My parents divorced at the age of 12 and I have been with my mom since then. After moving back to Toronto. I noticed how hard my mom had to work to make ends meet. It hit me one day when my mom and I were working the same job as cleaners. When I saw her working, it broke me. I was never the same. So a year after that happened I dropped out, tried several businesses such as network marketing, flipping sneakers and selling makeup. With the Grace of God, I stumbled upon Cryptocurrency, bought $20 worth of Bitcoin while I was 4k in debt. I tried to sell to get my $20 back but I couldn't. I was frustrated, so I deleted the app. 3 months later, I downloaded the app again to check the price of Bitcoin. After logging in and realizing that $20 had doubled, my life changed. I got obsessed. I taught myself how to analyze crypto companies and in just a couple months, I helped my mom quit her job. I haven't looked back since.

Bayaan: I'm Bayaan Hollis, Lead Analyst and Co-Founder of TTM, I first got introduced to trading the financial markets through Bitcoin in December of 2017. Any professional trader reading this knows that it didn't take a genius to make money during the 2017 bull market. The basic retail investor with no professional training could hop in and within 2 hours close with a 2x for the day. Even though I enjoyed the easy gains, I sought a more meaningful system of trading to trade diverse markets. I ran across Elliot Waves and the Fibonacci numbers and, being an avid chess player and musician, I was drawn to the concept of waves. The cryptocurrency market then crashed and I was forced back into 3 jobs to make ends meet. While working these jobs, I continued studying and when I thought I'd saved up enough, I quit all 3 jobs and had a serious go at trading. Several wrecked accounts, tears, and months later,I went back and got a job in an attempt to reload my trading account. I then quit my job for the 2nd time and traded homeless on a bench outside of the McAllen Public Library for 2 weeks and made enough to move to a condo in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Now I pull 5 figures in profits every month trading.

Andrew: I'm Andrew Johnson, Head of Marketing and Co-Founder of TTM, I am a former Professional Football player (in the CFL) turned Entrepreneur. I was exposed to the financial markets at the age of 19. I fell in love with the idea of making money from anywhere in the world. All I had to invest was $20 dollars at a time, but after a few successful swing trades, it began to add up. This showed me the power of learning new skills and planning ahead. I then got into cryptocurrency and my life changed. We dominated both bull and bear markets. Fast forward to the end of 2018... we got into Forex and have been crushing that using our specialized system. Now we work to share this system with people. No longer will it be a secret.

Q: How did TTM come about?

Michael: Our love for the markets, our love for people and our love for freedom. Financial freedom is something we as a team have all achieved. TTM was built to be a vehicle to help people achieve financial freedom, whether it be through our Private Fund or our Education Platform (Yafu Forex Academy and Apollo Academy).

Q: How were you able to grow TTM?

Andrew: Our results. Word spread of our approach and dominance in both the Crypto and Forex Markets. People want results. Not pipe dreams that most gurus are selling nowadays.

Q: So what makes TTM different?

Bayaan: We actually practice what we preach. We run a private fund that generates thousands of dollars in profit. It is the only fund that will teach people the same exact strategies that we use to make money.

Michael: We genuinely just want to help people win. We've all been broke and it isn't fun. Most people are living stressful lives because of their finances. That's our fuel.

Q: What's next for TTM?

Michael: To The Moon will soon be doing in-person events. Our goal is to give the masses the knowledge that changed our lives. We're also breaking into the tech/blockchain space, I can't really share much but all I can say is stay tuned haha. Last but not least, this year we plan on launching the To The Moon Foundation. This foundation will be a way where we can partner and work with the right initiatives to help change the world.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give someone regarding trading, investing or entrepreneurship?

Michael: 2 tips. First, my relationship with Jesus Christ and my prayer life completely changed me. I am broken and I can admit that. The only fix I have found is my relationship with Jesus. My second tip would be having a strong reason 'why'. The road to greatness is tough but when the reason why is bigger than you, it makes it easier. My reason why was my family. I never wanted to see my mom work that hard ever again. You take faith in Christ plus that kind of hunger, and no one can stop you!

Bayaan: Mastery of your fear and greed and every emotion in the spectrum in between is what's needed to be successful in these markets. I say that because you can't change or dictate what the market can only respond to it and how you respond to it determines your own personal success.

Andrew: I'd say be relentless. You're going to have everybody tell you what you should and shouldn't do, so stay true to yourself and keep moving in the direction you believe in. If you know in your heart you're doing the right thing, you'll be pleased with every step you take. Don't lose sight of why you started and what keeps you going. Only then can you reach heights you never thought imaginable.

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