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Fellas, Finally an Answer to All Your Facial Hair Grooming Needs!

·2 min read

There was a time not too long ago when having or maintaining a beard felt like a chore, because our attitude towards facial hair was mostly - trim or shave it before it grows too big - that’s pretty much it. But now, men are quickly opening up to the idea that sporting a beard is not a chore but a choice. When you have a beard, there are many ways you can go about it when it comes to styling it.

Owing to the vast range of choices available, now men are faced with more of a unique problem - finding that one perfect bearded look. Thanks to icons who are more open to sporting beards in public, and online trends and memes that show bearded versions of men are somehow more attractive than their clean-shaven versions, the search for that perfectly groomed beard is all the more important.

The legendary founder of Gillette
The legendary founder of Gillette

But there is a flipside to following popular styles - if too many men start doing the same thing, how does a fella stand out? Some adventurous brothers choose the path of constant change and experimentation. Keep changing your beard style once every few months and presto, you’re a whole new man once again. But to do so, your grooming game needs to be absolutely on point. This includes shaving, trimming, and the somewhat-ignored, facial hair care.

Shaving solutions
Shaving solutions

Worry not, fellow beards, we finally have an answer to all our facial hair grooming needs! Gillette, the go-to name in men’s grooming, has launched the much-awaited King C. Gillette range. Named after its famed founder, King Camp Gillette, the inventor of the best-selling version of the safety razor, this set takes care of all aspects of beard maintenance. That Gillette came up with this brilliantly-designed range should not come as a surprise, when you consider that they are an almost 120 year old brand and the true pioneers of men’s grooming.

Trimming solutions
Trimming solutions

The range comes equipped with a neck razor and a transparent shave gel for shaving, a cordless men’s beard trimmer for trimming, and a bottle of beard oil, beard and face wash, and a screw lid container of soft beard balm for facial hair care.

Facial hair care solutions
Facial hair care solutions

A well-groomed beard is a prized part of one’s self, and maintaining it is a craft. Thanks to the King C. Gillette range, mastering that craft is now a possibility for every beard enthusiast out there.

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