Felino cB7 puts Canada officially on the sports-car map

Felino cB7 Canadian supercarFelino cB7 Canadian supercar
For as many cars as Canada builds for Americans, its home-grown auto industry hasn't been a player on the world stage for decades. If you want a true all-Canadian car, there's some electric two-seaters or the Campagna T-Rex and that's a-boot it. Here's the idea from Canadian racer Antoine Bessett to change that perception: the Felino cB7, a V-8 powered, carbon-fiber sports car with an unusal amount of aggression for a native of the north.

While Bessett hasn't released exact performance specs, the Felino should produce ample speed from its GM-sourced 6.2-liter V-8, tuned to 525 hp and 489 lb.-ft. of torque, linked to a six-speed gearbox. Aside from its unusal neo-hatchback shape and styling, the Felino appears designed more for track time than street duty, with unusual options like built-in race suit cooling systems.

Felino cB7 supercar finally puts Canada on the mapFelino cB7 supercar finally puts Canada on the map

Bessett says pre-production versions will start rolling this year, with a limited but unspecified number set for production. The company says the goal for pricing will be a starting sticker of under $100,000 — a high but not atmospheric level for buyers who want something so unique. There's a healthy pack of startup sports-car builders using the same recipe as the Felino, and even the same small-block V-8, but there's no reason the contender from Canada can't sweep a medal or two.

Canadian racing legend Gilles Villeneuve puts the cB7 through its paces