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Hospitals failing obese patients

The number of people living with obesity in Canada is rising.

On top of that, Canadian hospitals aren't adapting quickly enough to deal with people who have the condition, according to one expert.

In one instance, a patient says a nurse told him he couldn't use the bathroom because of concerns he would "break their toilet."

Energy drinks and kids don't mix

Adding to the obesity epidemic and other health problems are the sugar and caffeine found in sports drinks and energy drinks, according to the Canadian Paediatric Society.

It says most children and teens shouldn't consume the drinks at all.

But advertising and the popularity of the drinks among pro athletes makes it difficult to phase them out completely, according to one pediatrician.

WestJet to 'Swoop' in on low fares

The company is the latest airline to launch a low-cost carrier.

Swoop fares will be 50 per cent lower than mainline carriers, according to a WestJet executive.

But don't get too excited just yet.

You'll still have to pay for extras like checking baggage, being able to board first and choosing where you sit.

Equifax's apology won't help us

The credit monitoring company promised free credit locking for life as part of its apology for the recent hack — unless you're Canadian.

Instead, Equifax Canada is offering complimentary credit monitoring for a year for those affected.

Many of its northern customers still haven't gotten over the company's slow response to the data breach.

What else is going on?

Fake degrees update: The City of Regina's deputy clerk has been let go. Our investigation uncovered the fact that Erna Hall held a fake master's degree from a diploma mill.

A B.C. realtor has been fined and suspended for misconduct, including failing to disclose that he was acting for both sides in a property sale and trying to flip a multimillion-dollar property before he legally owned it.

Squeezed out: Hurricane Irma's damage to crops in southwest Florida may affect orange juice prices.

This week in recalls:

Barbecue beware:This grill's liquid propane regulator could cause gas leaks and flame bursts.

On TV: Marketplace investigates

Farm fresh?

Farmers markets are a billion-dollar industry. Chances are you're willing to spend more to buy direct from a farmer, but how do you know you're really supporting a local grower? Time for a Marketplace fact check. In an undercover shopping trip, we record Ontario vendors lying about where their produce is grown. To get to the truth, we follow them on market day to trace where that "homegrown" produce really comes from. Watch on TV or online.

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