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Ecom With Us: Could This Be The Best Way to Make Passive Income in 2021

Daniel Coronel and Alex Baha are the men behind Ecom With Us. Daniel founded Ecom With Us last year and brought on Alex since he shared the same vision of helping out as many people as possible. Alex and Daniel are very passionate about the future of the world and want to add value to those around them. They have started their agency business model to give people the financial freedom they want and deserve and have a strong passion for helping people at their lows.

A brief about Ecom With Us

Ecom With Us is one of the leading dropshipping agencies in the world today. Alex

and Daniel have partnered up with very successful individuals such as Irwin

Dominguez, Trevor Chapman, and Rafael Cintron, Anton Kraly, and more

dropshippers that have impacted the e-commerce industry.

Ecom With Us has helped numerous stores reach 100k within their first 3 months of marketing. Most agencies give their clients pre-built stores for a reason, to fool as many clients as possible into thinking they have a shot with a store that hasn’t been researched or analyzed. However, Ecom With Us is devoted to finding products that will be profitable for years down the road. Besides the goal of scaling businesses and starting successful dropshipping stores, another important metric for the company is being fully transparent with their clients. The team is always there to assist them through phone calls and within their group chats.

What does Ecom With Us look forward to

They want to help people leave their jobs by using their stores as a way to pay for all their necessities. They are looking forward to developing relationships with clients that will last a lifetime, having clients spread the word of their success and explain the services that have helped them ditch the rat race.

An advice Daniel and Alex would like to share

Ecom With Us says, “The world of eCommerce is like

skydiving for the first time. You’re beyond nervous to get started because of

all the potential consequences but once you do it, the adrenaline is something

that you want to keep chasing. Once that first sale comes in, you become hooked

and you never want it to stop. Also, passive income is something that takes

years to develop like investing in stocks and real estate. However,

dropshipping is just as good, if not better, because the upfront investment is

much less and more convenient to start with. The most upfront advice Alex and Daniel can give is that it doesn’t matter how many products are in the store, as long as they were

carefully researched and analyzed to make sure they will be winning products

for years. The marketing aspect is also very important because, without a

proper marketing campaign, it is worthless.”