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EarlyBirds Is Helping Early Adopters Identify 3 D Printing And Additive Manufacturing Opportunities

·4 min read

Forde, Feb. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EarlyBirds, an Australian company that has created an open innovation ecosystem to bring together early adopters, subject matter experts, and innovators, is setting its sights on helping its many clients take advantage of and identify opportunities offered by the exciting technological developments in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. Readers who want to find out more about what can EarlyBirds can do for their business can head over to its website at to find out more.

3D Printing has captured the attention of enthusiasts and entrepreneurs for several years now. It has seen a tremendous rise in popularity in recent years as it opens up hitherto impossible methods of producing real tangible 3D objects that can be used for creating prototypes and proofs-of-concept, emboldening small-scale manufacturing, performing repairs, and can be used as a medium of artistic expression. In 2021, the market for 3D Printing was worth $12.6 billion. Bloomberg estimates that the market size for 3D Printing will reach a staggering $34.8 billion by 2026. 3D Printing technology even played a significant role during COVID-19 in filling the gaps in the supply chain for medical supplies such as ventilators, enabling more people around the world to get the equipment they needed to survive the pandemic.

However, 3D Printing is but one part of a collection of technologies and processes that fall under the umbrella term Additive Manufacturing. Additive Manufacturing has a broader scope than 3d printing and there are hopes that someday it can even be used to create objects out of biological materials such as living tissue. Additive manufacturing comprises a number of different processes each with its own standards such as binder jetting, directed energy deposition, material extrusion, powder bed fusion, sheet lamination, vat polymerization, and many more. It uses materials such as biochemicals, ceramics, metals, thermoplastics, and more. It is well poised to disrupt many industries that have often relied on expensive and sophisticated manufacturing techniques to achieve laser-sharp precision in its products such as aerospace, automotive, and medicine, just to name a few.

However, there are still a few distinct challenges that 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing have yet to solve before they can be more widely adopted and make the successful transition from a sizeable but still niche technology to something that has a global audience and appeal. The cost of materials is a significant deterrent as even modest quantities of the most popular 3D Printing materials such as powders, resins, metal, carbon fiber, graphite, and others still cost more than what most evangelists of the technology would consider viable for manufacturing at scale. Product sizes are also constrained by the size of the machine used to print them, requiring investment in larger machines if the desired product has large dimensions. Other considerable barriers to overcome include the fragmentation of the 3D Printing market, the dearth of unified standards, and the lack of enforcement of strict specifications for devices and materials.

EarlyBirds says that it can connect companies, private or public, who are willing to dedicate resources towards solving the aforementioned problems with subject matter experts and innovators who are ready to barter their time, skills, and effort in return for investment. The company can help organizations with a stake in the future of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing acquire the tools and technology that they need to mature and operationalize by partnering them up with the right innovators and visionaries who are one step ahead and can take the risks required to push the limits of what the technologies can do.

Today, EarlyBirds tracks over 4 million innovators on its platform in all facets of technology including 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. Established businesses with the cash flow to sustain innovation can sign up as Early Adopters on its platform by heading over to the link: The company’s Explorer program is perfect for companies who need innovation as a service to supplement existing innovation programs or to conduct innovation projects as required. The company’s Challenger program is designed to solve one business or technical challenge at a time and search for relevant innovators that meet the business, technical, commercial, and business risk requirements. Those interested can also contact EarlyBirds and set up a time to discuss options for operationalising one's 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing plans.


For more information about EarlyBirds, contact the company here:

Mr Kris Poria and Mr Jeff Penrose
+61 401 287 060

CONTACT: Mr Kris Poria and Mr Jeff Penrose

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