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E-Rim: Revolution on Wheels

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Travel is an integral part of everyone’s life and with rising global warming levels, people are opting towards green and sustainable options to travel. How are we able to say this with confidence? Ever since the severity of the pandemic subsided, people started avoiding public transport systems especially in the US, UK, Germany and France. Buying or leasing out a car did not seem like an economical option for many and therefore the hunt for better alternatives started to see a climb.

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An industry once sought not to be having any demand is now seeing a huge surge in demand. You are right! The e-bike industry.

How big is the surge?

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It is estimated that e-bike sales hit their peak in the UK (+186%), US (+138%) and France (+92%) in 2020-21. Governments of many countries are slowly realizing that electrical and efficient green energy transport systems is the future and are slowly releasing norms to facilitate the adoption of such transport options.

Why E-Rim?

E-Rim is not your regular e-bike, it comes with a small difference that makes a huge impact. Everyone likes options and that is exactly what the E-Rim provides you with. E-Rim is basically a pedal assist wheel that you could snap in the place of your bike wheel giving you the option to choose between a pedelec(e-bike) and a normal bike. Sounds great? There is more!

The 4-in-1 design of the E-rim makes it a practical device, eliminating the dependency on wires and complex user experience. The battery and hub are placed inside the E-Rim and therefore it is pretty much like using a snap on device that magically changes your normal bike into a pedelec(e-bike).

Talking about practicality, there are a lot of things that the E-Rim packs under that small compartment. It comes with a hub and a 200W BLDC motor with a 188/252 Wh battery, all under one hood. The E-Rim uses a combination of AI, IoT, EV and ECO to help you experience a seamless ride. The E-Rim also comes with a 42V 2.0A charger to help you charge the device. The battery is expected to hold up for three hours but greatly varies depending on the usage.

Why should you be considering the E-Rim?

The E-Rim converts your bike into a pedelec which will help you ride your bike when you need it the most. Imagine you go to work and you always pedal uphill on a street which is kind of heavy work. But with pedelec, that is sorted. The pedelec is designed to help work along with you giving you a seamless ride experience. With more than 40% of the world population turning towards e-bikes for their daily commute. It is only fair that you at least explore the option of opting for an e-bike.

The biggest advantage with E-Rim is that the company is at the verge of blowing up rapidly across the world and with Solid year Group joining E-Rim in the angle fund stage, they are all set to make their Q4 this year. E-Rim is also planning to perform an A-round fund-raising to help the company expand to larger markets.

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