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DU Row: Govt Overturns Removal of Pro-VC, Terms VC Yogesh Tyagi’s Decision ‘Invalid’

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In a dramatic turn of events, the Ministry of Education in a late night order on Thursday reversed the order by Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi to remove the pro-VC PC Joshi, stating that the latter will “act as a vice-chancellor and all the orders to be issued under the statutes with the approval of Vice-Chancellor should be issued with the approval of Pro-Vice Chancellor P.C. Joshi”.

“For past two days several notifications have circulated through various media regarding statutory appointments and other related matters. This also includes notification regarding appointment of new PVC, Registrar, and Director South campus. It is hereby clarified that professor PC Joshi PVC will act as Vice-Chancellor and is the only competent authority to approve issue orders as per provisions of the Act, statutes and ordinance of the university,” reads a statement from Delhi University.

The confusion started after Tyagi, who while being on leave, removed Joshi from the post of pro-VC and approved the appointment of Geeta Bhatt, member of RSS-backed National Teachers’ Democratic Front, for the dame post. An ugly spat ensued over the appointment of Registrar Vikas Gupta and Bhatt appointed PC Jha.

Upset over the DU VC flouting norms and making decisions without taking charge properly, the government declared his appointment decisions “invalid”. Tyagi has been directed to first take proper charge than act in defiance of statutes. Hence Bhatt is not the PVC and nor will her backed Jha would be the registrar.

The letter from MoE, referring to Pro-VC letter dated October 21, said that Tyagi was not being discharged from his duties and Joshi was being given the charge of VC in accordance with the statutes of the university during the absence of professor Tyagi on medical grounds. “It has been further informed that Professor Yogesh Tyagi has not assumed charge and has not joined duties on recovery on submission of medical fitness certificates that makes him join duty as Vice Chancellor,” said the letter.

The letter further pointed out that a notification of charge of registrar was issued on October 21 morning. This was done “even before the working hours of the university and without active knowledge of the professor PC Joshi who is the PVC having charge of VC at present as per the statutes of the university.” It added that an attempt was made to block the conduct of the EC meeting scheduled on October 21, “and functioning of the university by the acting registrar, appointed by professor Yogesh Tyagi who is on leave.”

Therefore, MoE directed, “The orders issued by the VC during his period of absence on medical grounds without joining the office properly and officially is not valid and should not be acted upon by the university functionary. In future, if the VC wants to join the office a proper medical fitness certificate issued by the competent authority who treated him may be obtained,” it said.

The central government has directed that professor Joshi acting VC will act as the VC and all orders to be issued under the statutes with the approval of VC should be issued with the approval of PVC professor PC Joshi.