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Dak Prescott just became the Dallas Cowboys’ new Danny White and Tony Romo | Opinion

Mac Engel
·3 min read

The most tiresome story in the NFL ended on Monday evening, and while Dak Prescott now has the multi-generational wealth he desired he also is now the new Tony Romo/Danny White.

Dak Prescott is no longer a cute story, a former fourth-round pick from Mississippi State who Texas would not recruit in high school, and the guy who took advantage of Romo’s preseason injury to claim the starting job.

Dak Prescott is now another disappointing starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys who has not won, nor been to, a Super Bowl.

Welcome to the club, Dak.

We are so desperate around here for a winner in January that the Cowboys may put Dak in the Ring of Honor if he leads his team to the NFC title game. On the same day.

If Dak thought being the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys came with stupid expectations and pressure before this season, it will not compare now that he got his millions. Remember, million dollar contracts make players immediately better.

As of Monday, Dak should be Patrick Mahomes Lite.

Dak signed a four-year, $160 million contract; $126 million is guaranteed.

The Cowboys were never going to dump Dak for Russell Wilson, because they love their own guy too much. They want this to work too badly to do anything other than give him monster money.

Only the Cowboys would do this. Dak destroyed his ankle last season, and now is the second-highest paid quarterback in the NFL behind Mahomes.

That’s right, Dak Prescott makes more than Tom Brady.

The Cowboys had no choice. They could not place the franchise tag on Dak for a second consecutive year because they don’t have the room under the salary cap.

They had to get this done, and just hope Dak can go a little further than Danny White ever did. The same for Tony Romo.

That’s all their fans can do, too.

White went to three consecutive NFC title games as the starting quarterback of the Cowboys, but he never could shake the unfair reality he was not Roger Staubach.

Romo was finally the starting quarterback owner Jerry Jones sought when Romo was inserted into the lineup in 2006. For all of his talent, production and brilliance, Romo never advanced beyond the NFC Divisional round. He was never quite Troy Aikman.

As good as Dak Prescott has been in his five seasons as the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, there remain legitimate concerns if he has hit his ceiling. And if that ceiling is high enough to win the hardest games in January, and February.

It does not help that his “management” can’t seem to assemble a competent roster of defensive players, and thus puts even more pressure on the quarterback and his buddies on offense to be the Kansas City Chiefs when they are not.

The Cowboys are Dak’s team, and now he has the contract go along with that tag.

What happened on Monday night is just routine NFL business with starting quarterbacks.

Everyone was tired of the story, and now it’s over. Dak got his.

The expectation is now clear, and his: Go be Roger or Troy, and not another Danny or Tony.