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Dad's sinister theory about creepy bedtime video of daughter

·2 min read

A sweet TikTok video of a girl playing in her room has left people shaking after it appears to take a dark turn.

Josh Dean, a father of six from Nashville in the US state of Tennessee, asked his TikTok followers for their opinions on the now viral video that has been watched over 11 million times since it was uploaded on February 23.

In the short clip filmed using a baby monitor, Mr Dean's daughter, Emma, is hanging her head over the bed before wriggling off.

"My daughter being pulled under the bed ... wife thinks she crawled but she was clearly pulled by something!!" Mr Dean captioned the video.

TikTok video of a little girl who was 'pulled' under the bed by something or someone unknown.
Josh Dean believes he has captured his daughter being 'pulled' under her bed. Source: TikTok/joshdean0222

As she pushes herself further and further under the bed, Emma suddenly starts crying out for her mother and then disappears under the bed.

"My daughter being pulled under the bed... wife thinks she crawled but she was clearly pulled by something!!" Mr Dean captioned the video.

'Give the house keys to the ghost and GO'

The video received more than 45,000 comments from people speculating about who or what was under the bed.

“There’s no way she was scared and crying ‘mummy’ and just willingly kept crawling under there,” one person responded.

“I would have been gone. Just give the house keys to the ghost and GO!” another person added.

There were a few skeptics who suggested it was just child’s play.

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“The logical explanation is that she wanted her toy and went for it, then either realised she was stuck or got scared because she was in the dark,” a user claimed.

Several people seemed to believe just by watching the video an evil spirit had entered their souls and tried to cast out negative vibes.

“I do not claim any negative energy from this video,” some believers wrote.

“Y’all be commenting ‘I do not claim any negative energy’ and you think the devil is going too see your comment and be like ’nevermind, I’m leaving’,” an amused user responded.

Mr Dean posted a follow-up video showing his wife coming in to comfort their crying daughter to assure concerned commenters that Emma, who now sleeps in her parents' bed, is fine.

He has since uploaded several more videos of spooky moments he believes to have captured on camera including one where Emma wakes suddenly from her sleep and answers "okay", and another where a mystery voice tells the little girl to "lay down" as she looks under the bed again.

Mr Dean has become increasingly nervous about what he has captured on film and updates followers on the family plans to relocate in an effort to leave whatever is spooking his daughter behind.

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