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Craving junk food? Here are 7 tricks to control your urge

·3 min read

Everyone knows that it is difficult to go on a diet if you're addicted to junk food. It makes you feel so guilty, and you just can't stop yourself from munching on those chips, cookies, and pop. You can do some things to get your weight back on track and stop this cycle before it ruins your health.

Here are the top 7 tricks to control cravings for junk food:


Sugar-free pasta: If you have diabetes, then make sure that you stay away from pasta that has a lot of sugar in them. There are many restaurants out there that offer lovely tasting dishes with sugar but don't say it's there. Have a plate and scrutinise each dish to make sure that there isn't any hidden sugar!

Fruit versions: Avoid fruits that have a lot of added sugar. Many fruit salads have added sugar that you can't even pronounce. Eat lean meats and vegetables instead of these unhealthy foods, and you'll keep your blood sugar low throughout the day.

Bread and sweets: These foods contain a lot of empty calories. Eating them will clog up your arteries and increase your risk of heart attacks and strokes. Try to digest the food slowly by grinding it or mixing it with milk. You'll also increase your nutrient absorption because bread and sweets have carbohydrates and fibre. If you still feel wrong about not sticking to your new diet, you can still indulge in sweet treats from time to time. Have your chocolate cake or cupcakes occasionally, but only if you know that it's healthy for you.


Coffee and tea: Some experts advise increasing your intake of green and herbal teas. They contain antioxidants that may be beneficial in fighting cravings. Green tea has also been shown to improve memory and mood. If you enjoy coffee, switch to decaf blends or invest in an iced tea maker. Keep your decaffeinated coffee intake under 2 cups a day. If you drink tea, make sure you buy only loose leaf tea. Most artificial flavoured teas have a lot of sugar and caffeine.

Fast food and frozen foods: Avoid eating at fast-food restaurants. They usually have lots of fat, low-grade cheese, and other unhealthy ingredients. Instead, go to a sit-down burger or a farmer's co-ops. Frozen food such as ice cream and sherbet is suitable for diabetics and people trying to lose weight.

Candy: Again, switch to healthier alternatives like nuts, seeds, and chocolates. If you're a candy fanatic, try making your homemade sweet treats. Try adding cinnamon, vanilla, and caramels to your homemade desserts. There are plenty of recipes available on the internet if you don't like cooking.

Healthy snack options: If you're not one to bring your lunch to work, packing some healthy snacks will help you curb your urges for junk food. Eating healthy snacks such as fruits, veggies, nuts, bagels, pretzels, granola bars, and other wholesome snacks will also give you a source of energy without the calories and fats. You can also eat your snacks at the office. Choose fruit-based crackers, yoghurt, nuts, pretzels, granola bars, and other grain-based snacks to stay away from sweet snacks. If you want to go all out, pop into your favourite fast-food restaurant and have a fatty burger for lunch.

With these tricks at hand, you should be able to avoid temptations and still satisfy your sweet tooth. As long as you don't skip meals, do your best to keep up with your daily workouts and exercises, stay away from unhealthy foods, and remember to snack on healthy snacks and other fibre-rich foods. This should keep you on track until you find the kind of diet that works for you and the ones that you can stick with forever.

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