Canada markets closed
  • S&P/TSX

    +12.49 (+0.07%)
  • S&P 500

    +30.66 (+0.81%)
  • DOW

    +116.26 (+0.38%)

    +0.0010 (+0.13%)

    +0.68 (+1.30%)

    +132.00 (+0.28%)
  • CMC Crypto 200

    +11.96 (+1.67%)

    +9.50 (+0.52%)
  • RUSSELL 2000

    +27.94 (+1.32%)
  • 10-Yr Bond

    -0.0050 (-0.46%)

    +198.68 (+1.53%)

    -1.10 (-4.52%)
  • FTSE

    -7.70 (-0.11%)
  • NIKKEI 225

    +391.25 (+1.39%)

    -0.0016 (-0.25%)

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Photo credit: Michael Simari - Car and Driver
Photo credit: Michael Simari - Car and Driver

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