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Conor McGregor throws out first pitch at Chicago Cubs game, nearly hits fan in front row

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Conor McGregor is known for throwing heat with his left hand, but apparently not with a baseball in it.

On Tuesday, the former UFC double-champ threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Chicago Cubs hosted the Minnesota Twins, and fans in the front row had more to worry about than the catcher behind home plate.

Check out the video of McGregor’s first pitch attempt at Wrigley Field in Chicago the video below:

To say the pitch was wild is an understatement, as Patrick Wisdom, the Cubs player behind the plate waiting to receive the pitch, turned and watched the ball sail over his head.

McGregor’s windup looked good, but the pitch itself hit the backstop on the fly, landing just a few inches short of a pair of fans in the front row.

To give McGregor credit, he did attempt the throw while wearing a well-tailored suit. Perhaps if he was wearing proper attire for pitching, the results would have been better, or maybe McGregor is better suited for the outfield than the pitching mound.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen McGregor throw something other than a punch. A few years ago, McGregor was tossing a football around before a Dallas Cowboys game, and the results were pretty familiar to what we saw on the mound on Tuesday.

The Cubs’ starting pitcher Kyle Hendricks and the Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott, can rest easy as they don’t have to worry about McGregor taking their jobs.

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