Cloud-based BnB 'Franchisor' StayPro Launches In November 2022

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The Platform Manages Short-Term Rental Properties Remotely, Creating Job Opportunities In The Process

TORONTO, Nov. 17, 2022 /CNW/ - StayPro, a cloud-based management platform that operates BnBs for hosts anywhere in Canada, is set to launch its service to the public on November 16, 2022. The platform supports individual BnB hosts and property owners in Canada & provides tailored professional guidance.

StayPro provides a comprehensive management service that includes verified housekeepers for Airbnb, Vrbo and hosts. One feature is monitoring of daily operations which is done through property video reports recorded and shared by housekeepers through StayPro's tech-driven cloud-based platform to ensure transparency for clients, premium cleanliness and adherence to StayPro's franchised hospitality standards.

StayPro was founded by Leo Liu who started managing his own Airbnbs while studying Engineering at McGill University. After COVID-19 hit, StayPro programmers started to develop the software platform to create remote and contactless management options for BnB hosts. After 6-months of successful operation for properties in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia, StayPro will open for business to all Canada.

"StayPro's 'franchise' system keeps the personality of the property while elevating the quality of service for guests," said Founder of StayPro, Leo Liu.

"StayPro prides itself in creating job opportunities for local community members," said Toronto StayPro manager Samantha Jakubcak. "We also provide the support and make the necessary local connections to give homeowners freedom without worries."

With a 10% monthly commission, StayPro's cloud-based services include 24/7 guest support, pricing, shipping linens and hotel products, handling two-way reimbursements and billing of the housekeepers. If the client wants a total hands-free experience, StayPro also provides a Full Service plan, which includes a local StayPro property manager who handles tasks like changing damaged furniture, hiring licensed plumbers, property inspections, etc. Unlike the Cloud-based Plan, this service is only available to clients in the cities of Toronto and Montreal as of now. Any interested client can use this link to register for StayPro's services:

About StayPro

StayPro is a cloud-based property management platform in Canada with the mission of sharing its warm hospitality services with every BnB. StayPro was founded by Leo Liu in 2021 during the COVID-19 outbreak to aid the digital transformation of individual BnBs in the hospitality industry. For more information, visit

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