Clear Medical Imaging Partners with 16 Bit to Offer Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence-Powered Osteoporosis Screening Tool, Rho™, to Patients in Ontario

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TORONTO, April 25, 2023 /CNW/ - Clear Medical Imaging, a leading provider of radiology services in Ontario, has partnered with 16 Bit to offer Rho™, a ground-breaking tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that helps identify patients at risk for osteoporosis.

When a patient has an x-ray for any clinical indication, while the radiologist reads the x-ray Rho™ also analyzes it to flag patients with suspected low bone mineral density for follow-up. Osteoporosis, which affects over 2 million Canadians, has a well-known care gap. Rho™ will be used prospectively and retrospectively on x-rays performed at Clear Medical facilities to identify at-risk patients, facilitating earlier diagnosis and treatment for osteoporosis and significantly reducing the risk of fractures.

Drs. Mark Cicero and Alexander Bilbily, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of 16 Bit, expressed their excitement about the partnership. "Our collaboration with Clear Medical Imaging will bring the benefits of Rho™ to a wide patient population in Ontario" said Dr. Cicero. Dr. Bilbily added, "This is a perfect example of leveraging AI at scale to make a real difference in patients' lives."

Dr. Mannish Chadda, Chief Medical Officer and Chairman of the Board at Clear Medical Imaging, also shared his enthusiasm for the partnership. "Partnering with 16 Bit to provide Rho™ exemplifies our commitment to offering our patients the best possible care."

Michael Reinkober, Chief Executive Officer at Clear Medical Imaging, emphasized the value of Rho™. "I think RhoTM has the potential to transform osteoporosis screening programs in Ontario and beyond."

About Clear Medical Imaging

Clear Medical Imaging is the second-largest independent healthcare provider in Ontario, Canada's most populous province. Its team of highly specialized professionals serves over 1,500 referring physicians, performs over 600,000 exams annually, and provides best-in-class care to a 1.4 million patient catchment area. Clear Medical operates 13 imaging centers across Southwestern Ontario and plans to open five additional centers throughout 2023.

About 16 Bit

16 Bit, a company focused on revolutionizing healthcare using AI tools, is driven by a mission to significantly enhance the quality and accessibility of healthcare for all. 16 Bit has been a proud benefactor of Canada's thriving healthcare technology ecosystem through support from the CAN Health Network and INOVAIT.

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