Chevy's Refreshed Stance: 'Together Let's Drive'

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The new slogan is raising questions.

In a step that seems to capture the essence of unity and zeal, Chevrolet is shifting gears with its new slogan – “Together let’s drive,” bidding adieu to the former “Find New Roads” tagline.

Unveiled at a recent media rendezvous, Chevy's top brass delved into the heart of the new motto. Indeed, “Find New Roads” served its tenure well, and as Chevrolet folks candidly admit, slogans evolve to mirror the zeitgeist of the times. Now, "Together let's drive" encapsulates the new spirit.

Chevrolet’s freshly minted catchphrase made its debut splash with an ad emphasizing key facets that appeal to its customer base: family, time, and community. The ethos reflects that consumers today, while embracing innovation, yearn for trusted, time-tested names over fledgling start-ups. This sentiment is further echoed in their 'Down To Earth' campaign spotlighting the affordable Bolt EV, and the competitively priced Colorado and Trax.


But slogans weren't the only juicy bits served during the meeting. The upcoming 2024 lineup seems brimming with anticipation. Speculations are rife about the possible launch of the Corvette ZR1 next year, accompanied by revamped versions of the Tahoe and Suburban. With GM's CEO, Mary Barra, confirming the ICE-powered Equinox for 2024 and a reimagined Traverse in the offing, it appears Chevrolet is pedal-to-the-metal for the coming year.

And, on the EV front, the Silverado EV RST is on the launchpad for spring 2024, post a brief interlude. For now, however, Chevy's eyes are set on rolling out the fleet-centric Silverado EV WT.

In essence, Chevrolet's latest motto isn't just a tagline – it's an invitation, a collective call to action. Together, with Chevrolet, let's drive into an exciting automotive future.

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