Cement silos destined to be a skydiving tower?

Warsaw-based Moko Architects have divulged renderings for what is bound to be the coolest, most on-trend building on the planet: an indoor skydiving tower cobbled together with abandoned silos and shipping containers. Slated for an abandoned house factory in the Żerań district of Warsaw, the Diving and Indoor Skydiving Center will be made from two former cement silos affixed with containers for offices, training rooms, and a hostel.

While forsaken silos are often used for things like high-end condos and street art, here the architects saw their potential for extreme sports. See, silo No. 1 bottoms out and curves underneath the second silo, which sparked the architects' idea to use the "cave" as a place for practicing SCUBA diving. The tube formed by silo No. 2 would be for indoor skydiving, while the shipping containers—an incredibly common material in adaptive-reuse projects—leaves room for the boring administrative bits.


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