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Most Canadians are happy with their bosses — are you?

Do you like your boss? (Getty)

Managers are a daily part of life for most working Canadians, and a good one can make or break your working experience.

And it appears that the majority of Canadians are pretty happy with the person who manages them.

A new survey from OfficeTeam, part of staffing service Robert Half, found that 79 per cent of Canadians reported being happy with their boss.

When it gets down to some of the leadership qualities often sought after in a manager, however, Canadians weren’t quite as generous.

Out of the 570 working Canadians surveyed, only 42 per cent said their manager was a good leader. 27 per cent considered their manager a mentor, and 26 per cent considered their manager a friend.

A small fraction of workers were far less than complementary to their managers. 15 per cent called them a micromanager, and 13 per cent called them incompetent.

Research shows that bad managers can greatly hamper employee productivity. Managers who burn out their employees, don’t recognize strong performance and who fail to engage their employees creatively can end up getting less good work from their workers.

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