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Canada's Premier Syndicated Mortgage Distributor Raises Over 100 Million

MISSISSAUGA, ON--(Marketwired - December 19, 2013) - FDS Broker Services Inc. is pleased to announce it recently achieved the milestone of over 100 million dollars in Fortress Real Capital syndicated mortgage funding. As a fully-licensed mortgage brokerage in Ontario and Nova Scotia, FDS provides Canadians access to Fortress Real Capital syndicated mortgages. This superior retail investment product enables clients to earn 8% fixed interest annually, while participating in an investment sector formerly reserved exclusively for large banks and institutional investors.

"We are thrilled with achieving 100 million dollars in client investments sales and will continue educating Canadians about the value of the Fortress Real Capital product," said Zafar Khawaja, CEO, FDS Broker Services. "At FDS, we take pride in offering investors a product that finally gives them real returns and peace of mind."

Tony Popli, COO, FDS Broker Services, added, "FDS has doubled sales yearly since the brokerage opened in 2009. We are directly involved in financing these development projects. It makes us proud to know we play a role in providing Canadians housing."

Syndicated mortgage investments allow consumers to invest directly into the proven market of Canadian real estate by becoming a mortgage lender. FDS is actively seeking qualified professionals in the financial services industry to partner with and deliver more Canadians the opportunity to diversify their portfolio, with investments that earn steady interest with principal secured against a charge on real property.

Major players in the real estate market are rapidly taking notice of how valuable the Fortress Real Capital product is; confidence has exploded as a result of Fortress Real Developments' active projects in over 10 regions throughout Canada.

"Syndicated mortgages in projects like the ones offered by Fortress benefit the average investor. People understand real estate, however they don't have the time or skillset to immerse themselves and be actively involved in the industry," said Glenn May Anderson, President, FDS Broker Services. "The combination of FDS and Fortress allows consumers to receive the benefits of being involved in real estate investing in a passive manner. We're incredibly proud of our strong, passionate team that helps Canadians achieve their investment goals."

FDS Broker Services Inc. - FDS Broker Services (FSCO LIC #12367, Nova Scotia LIC #1908783) is the premier distributor of the Fortress Real Capital syndicated mortgage investment product. It offers clients an opportunity to invest directly into the proven market of Canadian Real Estate development and construction, with security of principal and 8% fixed interest. FDS partners with qualified advisors in the financial services industry to distribute the product. For more information please visit:

Fortress Real Developments Inc. - Fortress Real Developments is a Canadian real estate development company that seeks out and analyzes opportunities in major Canadian markets. The company has placed their focus on quality projects with recognizable alpha in residential low-rise, high-rise, commercial and industrial projects. For more information visit:

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