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Caffeine bars, instant coffee and Iced Capp in a bottle: Tim Hortons unveils new products

Tim Hortons unveiled several new retail products on Wednesday, including a new Coffee Bar. (Tim Hortons)


No time to make coffee in the morning before heading out for work? Tim Hortons has come up with a solution for you.

On Wednesday, the Canadian coffee chain announced the roll-out of several new retail products, including instant coffee, ready-to-drink iced coffee and a Double Double Coffee Bar.

“We wanted to create another edible treat that satisfies Canadians’ Timmies coffee cravings,” Alex Macedo, president of Tim Hortons, said in a news release.

“With Canadians increasingly finding themselves on-the-go, we developed this innovative treat so they can easily take their Double Double with them.”

The Double Double Coffee Bar looks like a chocolate bar, but doesn’t actually contain any chocolate in it. Made with Tim Hortons coffee beans, the bar contains caffeine and features “a smooth and silky texture with an espresso bean finish.”

The company will also be relaunching its ready-to-drink Iced Capp with three new flavours, including Original, Vanilla and Mocha.

Iced Capp in a bottle (Tim Hortons)

Expect instant coffee to begin rolling out in participating retail stores in February, while ready-to-drink iced coffee and Iced Capps will be available in March. People wanting to get their hands on the Coffee Bar will have to wait until the fall.

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