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What To Buy Now If You Want To Get In The Holiday Spirit Early

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It used to really annoy me when stores would set up displays for the December holidays before Thanksgiving, or even Halloween. “Let me enjoy these holidays first, you greedy, commercializing so-and-sos!” I’d think to myself. But in the year 2021 ― yet another year of an awful, deadly pandemic, not to mention everything else ― I am extremely ready to be transported straight into December, full speed ahead. Bring on the cheer, I say! We need this!

For better or worse, though, we’re still cycling through fall, so it’d be a bit odd to expect the rest of society to suddenly hit Hanukkah mode or for local radio to begin blasting “Mi Burrito Sabanero” a month early. But it is totally acceptable to start celebrating the December spirit in your own home, whenever you want, with whatever it is that sparks joy and good fuzzy feelings, when you really need them. Check out some of our picks for doing so below and join us in Mental December.

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