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Buying electronic essentials for your new home? Here is how much they will cost

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Set of contemporary house appliances isolated on white.
Set of contemporary house appliances isolated on white.

Today, all Indians have basic electronic essentials at home that help save time and money. When buying electronic essentials, it is important to fix a budget, which comes to an average of Rs. 2 lakh. 

Here is the approximate cost of the electrical essentials one needs in a new home.

Lights and fans

Assuming that a person buys a 2bhk, they need lights and fans for their living space, the two bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom. The average budget to fit a home with basic lights and fans could come to Rs. 50,000 on average. It varies between metros and rural areas.


Fridge stores perishable food items that we would find very difficult to go and buy daily. They come in many variants, from single doors to double doors and smart options. Depending upon the size of the family, a home will require a single-door fridge that comes at an average price of Rs. 15,000, and a double door one would come between Rs. 27,000 and Rs. 35,000, depending on the brands.

Air Conditioners

The harsh weather conditions in India dictate that air conditioners come under essential installations at home. A good AC, which will save your energy bills and also cool your room faster. A good inverter SC, the smart one with Wifi, is available at an average cost of Rs. 35,000, depending on which brand you want to choose.

Washing machine

A busy Indian will always invest in a washing machine, preferably an automatic one, to make their laundry time easier. An automatic washing machine ensures that they can multitask because it does not need monitoring while the clothes are washed. One can get a washing machine at an average of Rs. 16,000.


Most families now have working moms, which means that heating up food is something that everyone in the family will need to know. A safer way than switching on the gas is using a microwave. It is the best deal for cooking quick food too, and of course, testing your baking skills. A microwave oven (with a convection mode) can be purchased at an average price of Rs. 12,000.

Mixer grinder

As Indians, spices form the base of all our culinary actions. A mixer grinder is the prerequisite to most chutneys and batters in the household. This is one of the most basic kitchen essentials that one can purchase at an average price of Rs. 6,000.


Entertainment is a daily need, and the best mode for that is the TV. There are normal LED options and smart options too. The former comes at an average price of Rs. 10,000, and the smart variant starts from Rs. 15,000.

Water purifier

Clean water is a basic need for life, and depending on the area you purchase a house in, a good water purifier is of utmost importance. They are available at an average cost of Rs. 9,000.

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