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When BTS' Jimin Lost Confidence in His Singing and Jungkook, Suga Had His Back

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Being one of the biggest and most famous bands in the world comes with its own pressures, and nobody better than BTS understands that. The septet consisting of Jimin, J-hope, RM, Jungkook, V, Suga and Jin have performed in multiple locations across the world with their concerts and have gained a global fandom unprecedented for any South Korean band.

However, there are days when the band members struggle to deliver their best performance. This was shown in BTS’ 2018 documentary Burn The Stage when the vocalist Jimin confessed that he found his voice “failing” him. In the documentary, viewers saw how the 25-year-old singer was not satisfied with his singing during one of the rehearsals. However, Jimin’s fellow members came in to cheer him up and told him not to beat himself up for a minor mistake.

Jimin said in the documentary, “I felt so bad, so bad. I get oversensitive about this.” The singer’s body language showed how visible his loss of confidence became once he did not perform according to his expectations.

Observing Jimin’s reaction, Suga revealed in the documentary that he felt bad for him. The music producer and rapper further shared Jimin’s history and said, “I feel bad for Jimin, I always do. When he first joined us, he couldn't sing, so he'd cry after the TV shows. I think it frustrated him.”

BTS vocalist Jungkook, who is known for his impressive singing skills, also added that during his trainee days, Jimin worked really hard. Jungkook described Jimin as “the one that worked the hardest among all the trainees.” Jungkook also commented on Jimin’s progress since his trainee days and said, “If you listen to him singing now, it has changed a lot compared to before. I think he's done a great job.”

The 24-year-old singer also shared how Jimin is always striving to improve his singing skills and seeks Jungkook’s feedback and critical comments on his singing. Complimenting Jimin’s voice, Jungkook had mentioned in the documentary, “The way he sings is very different from my way of singing. I wish he could take advantage of his voice and sing better with his voice."

Jimin has sung solo songs like Filter, Serendipity, and Lie for BTS albums and is much loved by fans for his unique singing quality.

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