Bridgeline Releases Athena Update with GenAI-Powered Smart Responses

Bridgeline Digital, Inc.
Bridgeline Digital, Inc.

WOBURN, Mass., June 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN), a global leader in AI-powered marketing technology, is pleased to announce the successful launch of its highly anticipated HawkSearch “Athena” update. This milestone introduces GenAI-powered “Smart Responses,” which drives engagement and revenue growth for businesses utilizing HawkSearch.

The Athena release of GenAI Smart Responses is now generally available (GA) for the public. This enhances conversions for eCommerce customers with dynamic, conversational dialogues based on search queries, prompting follow-up questions and suggestions to imitate a personalized online sales assistant. This boosts engagement and helps users find what they need quickly.

Now, when a user searches for something like “linen summer dresses for vacation” on a fashion eCommerce site, HawkSearch Smart Response will summarize and compare the fabrics used in the dresses available above the search results. This provides the user with at-a-glance information needed to make a stylish and confident purchase swiftly, boosting the eCommerce site’s revenue.


John Murcott, EVP of Product & Strategy, stated, “HawkSearch’s Athena release brings state-of-the-art GenAI technology to complement our existing RAG (Retrieval-augmented Generation) eCommerce search, offering accurate, personalized answers and summaries for every unique query.”

Ari Kahn, CEO, said, “With the Athena release, we're reinforcing our commitment to AI innovation by providing GenAI capabilities designed to help customers increase their site revenue.”

For a walkthrough of the new features and functionality in the Athena release, join us for our webinar this afternoon, June 13th, at 9am PT / 12pm ET here. Find more details and release notes for Athena through this link.

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Danielle Colvin
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Written by Nicolas J. Prizzi