Bowen Yang gives Regina King the green light to 'dom' him again on Saturday Night Live

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Bowen Yang gives Regina King the green light to 'dom' him again on Saturday Night Live

Even the pain of being on NBC's Saturday Night Live has been a pleasure for cast member Bowen Yang.

In an exclusive clip of his appearance on LGBTQ-first streaming media network Revry's Culture Q, the comedian responds to the question of what moment from his time on the Emmy-winning variety series would he do all over again by cheekily saying, "I got slapped around by Regina King last season, and I was like 'I would let her dom me into full submission in any situation.'"

The sketch Yang is referencing, titled "70s Green Room," saw him as a blundering music manager unable to meet the expectations of his disco diva client Fliona (played by the Oscar-winning host of that week).

Regina King and Bowen Yang
Regina King and Bowen Yang

NBC Regina King and Bowen. Yang in 'Saturday Night Live' sketch, "70s Green Room."

Yang, who was nominated for an Emmy for the recent season in which he performed the sketch with King, added that "every week is so different, and it meets the level that the host is at, and that's always something that I find really wonderful about the show, is that like it's just a different contained, self-contained experience every time."

The actor, who also stars on Awkwafina is Nora From Queens, also mentions that he'll leave some episodes thinking, "Oh I wish I really was present with that. Because then all you're left with is the memory of it."

It's easy to imagine that another sketch with Regina King, featuring another slap from the actress, would help with that.

Above, watch the full video of Bowen Yang in conversation with Revry's Culture Q host Andy Lalwani. The episode premieres Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT and on demand.

Below, watch the SNL sketch with King.

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