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Boise police: Man shot and killed Saturday aimed ‘semi-automatic BB gun’ at officers

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The man shot and killed by Boise police officers early Saturday morning pointed a BB gun at officers before they opened fire in an alley, according to a Boise Police Department news release published Monday evening.

The man, identified by the Ada County Coroner earlier in the day as 31-year-old Forrest Moore, was reportedly squatting at a property under construction at 21st Street and Pleasanton Avenue. Neighbors reported the trespassing, and police encountered Moore in an alley at around 1 a.m. Saturday.

In an initial news release, police stated that the man “produced what appeared to be a handgun, pointing it toward officers.”

“Upon initial contact the suspect immediately drew the weapon from his side and pointed it at officers, holding it in a two-hand firing position at close range,” Boise police officials said in a Monday evening news release. “The suspect’s weapon was later determined to be a semi-automatic BB gun.”

The weapon resembles a handgun, photos show.

Boise police also identified the two officers involved in the shooting: Keith Montague and Todd Sigler. Both have been with the department for two and a half years, according to the release. They’re currently on paid leave per department policy. One of the officers was injured, sustaining an arm laceration; the news release did not identify which one.

It wasn’t immediately clear Monday evening whether either officer had been involved in a police shooting of any kind before.

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office is leading a Critical Incident Task Force investigation into the shooting — the third involving the Boise Police Department in recent weeks, but the first with a fatality.

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