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BlackBerry 10 may be ‘a gambit intended to facilitate a sale of RIM’

Zach Epstein

BlackBerry 10 Analysis

Research In Motion (RIMM) is hitting the market hard with its next-generation BlackBerry 10 platform. The company is courting carriers, wooing businesses, and it’s getting ready to do everything it can to convince the sizable BlackBerry installed base that the benefits of upgrading to a new BlackBerry 10 phone outweigh the costs. According to a new report, however, every move RIM makes with BlackBerry 10 may be pushing the company one step closer to a sale.

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“There have been signs all along that BB10 was a gambit intended to facilitate a sale of RIM,” Benzinga Insights’ Sam Mattera wrote in an article contributed to Forbes. He notes that RIM’s stock has rallied on the notion that BlackBerry 10 will revitalize RIM, but the real endgame may instead be to sell the company off in pieces.

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Mattera goes on to revive speculation that Microsoft (MSFT) or Amazon (AMZN) might be interested in RIM’s hardware business, while Samsung (005930) could be eying RIM’s software as it explores opportunities outside of Android.

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins confirmed in a recent interview that he would consider selling RIM’s hardware business following the successful launch of BlackBerry 10.

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