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Bihar Youth is Using AI, Bhojpuri Podcast to Spread Climate Awareness

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Climate change has been the biggest problem in the world and it is reflected on the planet’s health. With the rise in global surface and ocean temperatures, forest loss, fossil fuel subsidies, glacier thickness among other factors, it has severely affected many regions across the world. Now, a Bihar-born youngster, who is also been a keen observer of global climate-related issues since his childhood, plans to educate the masses using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

According to The New Indian Express report, Siddhant Sarang, who hails from Bihar and is currently pursuing his undergraduate study in history from Delhi University’s Satyawati College, is set to launch a podcast in Bhojpuri dialect called ‘Dharti Maiya’ (loosely translated as Mother Earth).

The 21-year-old plans to reach the rural population in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. He also plans to achieve that using an AI-enabled app in addition to his podcast to spread awareness on climate change and how it affects the world around us. According to the 2011 census, 51 million native speakers speak Bhojpuri and the dialect is the eighth most spoken language in India and the third most in Nepal.

“Climate change is a stark reality, '' he told the publication. “It is our fundamental responsibility to save the climate by becoming eco-friendly in our activities,” he explained.

The podcast was launched in February this year, and will soon be spreading information in 22 other regional languages by February 2022.

Sarang also cited him being a student dearth of funds that stops him from “appointing translators,” hence, he decided to make use of an AI-enabled system to make both the “podcast and the app multilingual.”

Meanwhile, the 2019 Diana Award winner, has several goals, one among them is to reach out to 1 million students and young people before 2021. His aim is to train them about environmental issues, causes, and the solutions an individual can take at a small level to solve this lingering gigantic issue.

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