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Big Brother recap: Will a new target emerge as the veto competition gets underway?

By all accounts, this should be a relatively easy week for The Leftovers on Big Brother. They've got the dominant numbers in the house, they have Taylor as HOH, and the other players in the house have yet to fully figure out the controlling alliance. Indy and Terrance are on the block, and there's plenty of backdoor options. Everything should go very smoothly, which unfortunately for us watching means that things are a little less exciting at the moment. It's been a good season, but at this point it feels like we're waiting for The Leftovers to turn on each other for things to really pick up again.

Alright, let's kick things off with Terrance. He's on the block again — for the fourth time, apparently, though he's such an impactless player this season that it's hard to even remember when he's been on the block; he's that much in the background — and he's talking with Taylor about her plans for the week. She assures him that he's just a pawn, that she'd love for him to win veto and pull himself off the block so that she could nominate a big threat like Monte. Terrance, to his credit, isn't buying it for a second. He's seen plenty of pawns go home already, so he knows what's up, and all he can really do is gun for the veto and save himself.

Now, Terrance is initially the target for the week. Taylor makes it very clear that she doesn't want Indy to go home because she already broke her trust by putting her on the block, and she doesn't want to backdoor Alyssa because she says she still needs the girls to trust her, and she doesn't want to send Jasmine, a black woman, out of the house during her HOH. She's hesitant to get any blood on her hands, and that means not wanting to sway from getting Terrance out.

So really, all that's left is to decide what to do should someone win the veto and pull Indy or Terrance off the block. The obvious answer is to put Alyssa or Jasmine up in their place, but Joseph decides to pitch Taylor on using him as a pawn. He rightly tells her it would allow her to keep her promise to the girls, and he'd feel safe on the block with The Leftovers still in control of the vote. I have to say, it's a wild plan. While I understand where Joseph is coming from, I think it's a little misguided to help out Taylor's game so much. At this point you want your alliance members to get blood on their hands so that they don't have the jury on their side at the end of the game. Plus, as secure as Joseph is in his alliance, volunteering himself for the block at this point in the game is a risky move, as evidenced by Michael and Brittany talking over the possibility of getting a big threat out this week if they had the chance to do so.

That brings us to the veto competition — Alyssa, Jasmine, and Kyle compete alongside HOH Taylor and the two nominees, Terrance and Indy. The players must bounce a ball down a huge guitar neck, collecting or deducting points as it bounces in each square. Players are eliminated each round, and those eliminated players smash a guitar and win a prize or punishment. Usually the prizes aren't all that impactful in the game, but here something interesting happens. As the competition goes on and Taylor is eliminated, she wins a trip to London. Now, her prize should be safe because not only does Indy, who's been eliminated, have the power to take the veto at the end, meaning anyone can take that prize from her, but Taylor also notes that she has the potential to replace someone on the block, openly threatening anyone who dares to steal her trip.

And yet, with all that out there, when Alyssa is eliminated she decides to take the trip from Taylor and stick her with a punishment where she has to be chained to another houseguest for awhile. It's a baffling decision. In the end, Kyle ends up winning the veto, keeping it in control of The Leftovers, but with Alyssa rubbing Taylor the wrong way the nominations could easily change.

Unfortunately, we have to wait until Thursday to find out if the veto is used — and I once again apologize that there won't be a Thursday recap this week — but the way things are shaking out, there's a chance that Taylor puts Alyssa on the block as revenge. If I had to guess though, that's just the editing trying to drum up some intrigue. I think there's too much risk asking Kyle to use the veto knowing that Alyssa will be put up. I'd bet that, as a group, The Leftovers decide to keep the nominations the same, and then it's just a question of whether they want to send Terrance or Indy home. It should be an interesting eviction night!

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