Behold 'Stand 12,' the secret drink of the Masters

Beer is good. But it’s not the Stand 12 secret drink. (Getty)
Beer is good. But it’s not the Stand 12 secret drink. (Getty)

AUGUSTA, Ga. — The galleries of the Masters are full of patrons who claim they know secrets: the best place to purchase discount badges, the best back routes to get to the course, the best places to stand to see the most action. To that list, we now add: the best secret menu drink.

Every fast-food joint from In-n-Out Burger to Starbucks has its own secret menu, an off-list concoction that you can order if you know the secret. And if you head down to the concession stand just above the 12th tee, you can find Augusta National’s version: a fizzy, pink-and-blue drink known, appropriately enough, as “Stand 12.”

The Stand 12 combines pink lemonade, blue Powerade (sorry, “blue sports drink”) and a splash of the brand of “lemon-lime soda” that rhymes with “bright.” The exact proportions are a mystery, but look: this isn’t blending explosives here; you can probably figure it out for yourself. The cool aspect of Stand 12 is that, for whatever chemical reason, the pink lemonade and the blue “sports drink” don’t mix, giving you a pink-and-blue drink to carry throughout Amen Corner.

Unlike almost everything else at Augusta National, Stand 12 doesn’t have a decades-long lineage. Tara Parker, a worker at the eponymously-named concession stand, whipped up the mixture while working at the stand in 2014. “Standing in the same spot for hours and hours of time forces you to get creative,” Parker told Yahoo Sports. “So, one day we messed around and started playing with the different drink combinations, and I noticed that the particular order of pink lemonade, Sprite, and blue Powerade created this really pretty drink.”

Stand 12 costs a mere two bucks, and tastes just delightful, like springtime and Easter and cotton candy. You’ll need to hike back up from Amen Corner to work off the extra calories, but it’s worth it.

“To my knowledge, Augusta National does know that it exists,” Parker said. “I have never had someone who works for the club reach out to me about this drink to scold me or ban me for life from the tournament, which is what I was afraid of as it caught wind, but I did hear after attending this previous Saturday that they now can only serve it by request and at very select locations: Amen Corner and Berkman’s Place.”

On Thursday afternoon, cups of Stand 12 sat alone and, often, ignored amid their more famous brethren such as BEER and DIET COLA. That’s a shame. If you happen to get inside the gates at Augusta National, head on down to Stand 12 and order yourself a Stand 12. Tell ’em Yahoo Sports sent ya.

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