Automated Wealth Management CEO Milos Safranek Announces Expansion of Business

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MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / July 19, 2022 / Automated Wealth Management Holdings (AWM), a company that helps you establish your eCommerce portfolio, has recently announced that they will be expanding their business to even higher heights; led by an 8-figure marketplace seller.

Automated Wealth Management, Thursday, July 7, 2022, Press release picture
Automated Wealth Management, Thursday, July 7, 2022, Press release picture

The founder of Automated Wealth Management Holdings, Milos Safranek, said, "The ultimate transformation is when our clients are satisfied with the level of passive income we generate for them. Our ultimate goal for the clients is to feel comfortable and financially satisfied with their investments."

The company started their journey in the world of eCommerce in 2016, establishing simple drop shipping stores and working their way up to wholesale and private label brands under the leadership of CEO Milos Safranek. For over 4 years, they created, scaled, and sold multiple online brands, always looking for the next challenge.

Today, the company is serving over 150 clients and offering online retail consulting and management services. Built-in early 2018, Milos and the company constructs high-revenue online companies and also ensures an opportunity for recurring residual income and an entry into an ever-growing industry to fight the consequences of inflationary propensities.

Recently, AWM was able to generate $10 million of revenue in Walmart. When asked about the milestone, CEO Milos Safranek stated:

"To reach such revenue levels on Walmart, we spread out to 3 accounts while keeping marketplace standards to the highest level."

What I would advise to anyone starting on Walmart is to learn and master the Terms of Service before integrating to the platform.

After we have figured out how to drive revenue on our accounts safely, it was all about data driven scaling and making sure the reputation of the accounts is immaculate."

From everyday investors, small and medium-sized businesses up to wholesalers, AWM offers support to find the most competitive solutions to scale up your business, whether it's about establishing business credits, qualifying for eCommerce platforms, or even running automated third-party logistics.

Automated Wealth Management, Thursday, July 7, 2022, Press release picture
Automated Wealth Management, Thursday, July 7, 2022, Press release picture

Below are seven powerful automation process moves Automated Wealth Management continues to use, created by CEO Milo Safranek


The team at Automated Wealth Management helps their clients from the first step of establishment: company incorporation.

Then, at that point, they exclusively qualify you as a corporation to Amazon with a strong groundwork of validity, social proofs, taxation documents, DUNS Number, and NAICS codes, all taken care of by their extraordinary division called LegalBuddy.

Their specialists will impeccably fit your current or recently set up organization to fit the multi-channel eCommerce retailer scheme they have designed for you.


Store approval requires roughly 2-3 weeks (4-8 for Walmart Marketplace) that they, without assistance, oversee rather than you. The only thing you'll need to do is register on Amazon on your IP address.

They then give each underlying initial setup and document submission to guarantee even the extra layers of confirmation. From that point onward, you only need to keep communicating with the team to ensure a successful launch.


Automated Wealth Management consults with you with regard to your ongoing credit & working capital resources to utilize stable funding for inventory purchases. Both liquid capital and credit lines will suit to finance the front inventory purchases.

They have a committed team specializing in funding, credit repair, and consulting to fit any of your individual needs and wants. They highly suggest using your credit line. Their in-house specialists will assess your credit file while recommending the most suitable credit cards and banks customized for your business needs.


At AWM, they only work with seasoned product researchers and listers with tremendous experience with product procurement, sourcing, inventory, and purchase management. They generally track down a winning product selection and top-selling brands to guarantee high-net revenues and the fastest investment return.

As far as purchasing, they use their plethora of connections with manufacturers and wholesale partners to always bring the best deals to their clients. Then, after cautious operations, your products will be delivered to their distribution center for relabelling and packaging to meet Amazon's/Walmart's criteria.

Then your process begins with turning into a store owner and a cross-country distributor on Amazon, Facebook, and/or Walmart.


They will follow their proven strategy to get your listing to win the buy box during this period. Be that as it may, this won't come immediately - as your initial 90 days on any platform (Amazon, Walmart, Facebook) will put you on a probationary period, regardless. Here, they will follow a continuous process regarding sales volume. Subsequently, they will guarantee your store's health and long-term foundation.


En route, the team will additionally work on your stores' listing and brand partnerships to expand your exposure and grow the stores' revenue. Moreover, they will explicitly search for more and more products. After some time, they will know which items sell best in your store and focus on the best-selling ones.

Accordingly, Automated Wealth Management will allow items with the lowest ROI to sell out, and they will not re-stock these items. All things considered, they will focus and narrow down on the items with the highest ROI and the quickest turnover rate.


After 8-12 months of scaling and maintenance, Automated Wealth Management will assess your stores' performance and future endeavors during their first Growth Call.

You will certainly accompany an astounding online sales reputation and eCommerce experience; hence, Automated Wealth Management can offer you enhancement for your eCommerce presence.

Besides, AWM's goal is to establish different eCommerce stores to maximize your passive income with their favorite choice, Walmart Marketplace. Here they will handle your automated Walmart store with such a cognizant approach as we accomplish for Amazon and Facebook Marketplace.

A definitive transformation is to arrive at a level where the client is happy and satisfied with how much passive income Automated Wealth Management Holdings produces.

They generally push their clients for more, yet, by the day's end, it's the client's choice. With their extraordinary effort and method for scaling to all leading eCommerce platforms on the planet, Automated Wealth Management Holdings' exposure is immense, and they can generate huge revenue with this multi-platform approach.

Click here to get in touch with the team at Automated Wealth Management.

For further information about their services, visit their website or follow their social media platforms:Facebook,Instagram, and Linkedin.

About Automated Wealth Management Holdings

Automated Wealth Management Holdings is a company that believes that the future of investments is deeply rooted in the world of eCommerce. It is an across-the-board helping hand in your journey to a fully automated eCommerce business. They offer customized help with eCommerce - consolidating a list of business development aspects, full-service account management, third-party logistics, programming, and legal solutions for all the common business structures in the US. Their full-service account management includes drop shipping, wholesale, and private-label solutions. With more than 6 years of experience in this market, Automated Wealth Management gives reliable investment solutions to investors and companies.

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