Australian Teen Crashes Parents’ Mustang

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What kind of punishment should he face?

Teenagers can do some really dumb things, but swiping the family Ford Mustang to take on a joyride in the middle of the night, crashing it, then running from the cops is something else. That’s what authorities say a teenager did in the wee morning hours of December 29 in Sydney, Australia.

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As you can see from the images, the poor little pony crashed through a fence and ended up on its roof in a person’s yard. The crash woke up the people in the house with what they described as a “big bang.” After checking to see if anyone was in the car, they called police, who arrived to investigate the accident.

Witnesses saw the teen driver limp away from the scene. Somehow, the walked the 3km distance to his house, even though police canine units were hot on his trail. Once they tracked him down, officers arrested the teenager and took him to a hospital for treatment.


This is definitely a case of an inexperienced driver trying to handle a car that’s too powerful as well as a teenager who thinks boundaries are for wimps. We’re not advocating taking the family vehicle for a joyride, but if you’re going to even think about such a thing, you should already be an excellent driver. Taking on more than you can chew vehicle-wise often ends in disaster, just like this.

While the criminal justice system might be somewhat harsh with this kid, we can only imagine what kind of punishment awaits him at home. His driver’s license is probably already void, but there are plenty of other things his parents can do to help him make up for the extremely poor decisions he made.

Source and images: 9 News

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