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Another look at pedestrian bridge and dam in Holstein

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Southgate council had another look at an engineering report from almost 20 years ago on the pedestrian bridge and dam in Holstein.

The item was raised for consideration by Coun. Jim Frew. The council of the day in 2003 had engineers review the structure and how it would be affected by a regional flood event.

The report was there could be potential for flood water to “overbank” to the south of the bridge where the road enters by the park gates.

Work did not proceed at that time, but recommendations were to build a flood wall or raise the present bridge deck about 300 mm. The total estimate for both projects in 2003 dollars was almost $80,000. The engineering and other fees would be on top of that amount.

The concrete flood wall would go from the south bridge abutment to the park lane, then turn east to the park’s gate for a total wall length of 65 metres.

CAO Dave Milliner said that the estimates would have to be refreshed, and the conservation authority consulted about any work.

“We haven’t seen problems in the almost 20 years since this came up,” he told council.

Coun. Barbara Dobreen said another possibility is that there might be another approach to handling the flood risk now.

The CAO estimated the cost to update the prices in the study could be $5,000 to $7,000. It would be more costly to refresh the data itself such as flow rates.

Council approved staff getting the quotes updated and reporting back to council.

Mr. Milliner mentioned that if work were to be done, it might require an Environmental Assessment.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald

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