North America's ugliest mansions

Money doesn't buy taste. Here are five ugly, over-the-top mega-homes.

A modern mansion in Beverly Hills. (Photo: Forbes)

Architectural beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but some mansions are just plain ugly. Blots on the landscape, oversize and over-the-top mega-homes are sometimes a pricey mishmash of building styles.

They look garish, gaudy and full of pretension, festooned with too many fancy columns and adornments. Or, under the guise of "modern," these residences have as much style as a bomb shelter or look like they’re from outer space. Money, after all, doesn’t buy taste.

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Modern Compound
Beverly Hills, Calif.

With circular walls of glass and soaring steel beams, this over-the-top modern mansion dazzles enough to make your head spin. At 7,500 square feet, with a seven-car garage, an elevator and gated security it looms large on a half-acre lot.

According to, the six-bedroom, seven-bath home boasts custom-curved stainless steel windows and doors, marble floors and an interior garden courtyard with “hypnotizing views of its infinity edge pool.” From there you can see Los Angeles and the Pacific beyond. After an initial list price of $11,895,000, the home sold in March 2011 for $9 million.


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