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Alex Terranova Is The Anti-Excuses Coach Keeping 7-Figure Successes In Check

Alex Terranova

Alex Terranova, founder of DreamMason
Alex Terranova, founder of DreamMason
Alex Terranova, founder of DreamMason

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Alex Terranova isn’t afraid to call out others for their excuses. Today, he works with successful, high-net clients thanks to his fearless approach when it comes to serving up the hard pills that these powerhouses are reluctant to swallow.

“Life is a monkey in a zoo throwing poop at all the people that are coming to see it,” expressed Alex Terranova, “you’re going to get hit with poop for your whole life, the question is, who are you going to be when the poop hits you?”

This vivid analogy is both spot-on and universally relevant. As the Founder of DreamMason Inc., Alex Terranova is a Coach, Consultant, Published Author, Entrepreneur, Podcast Producer & Host, and is supporting his clients in discovering how to react when the poop inevitably lands - even the ones who are resistant to the support they want and have actually asked for in service of becoming their best.


With 2020 being the embodiment of a 3000-pound monkey with an unrivaled aim, there are no shortages of opportunities to discover who you become when life unloads on you - literally.

Who is Alex Terranova?

Formally trained as an ontological coach, Alex Terranova is a San Diego based professional and personal certified performance coach who works with clients around the globe in sharing that, “The people with the greatest lives are the ones who feel the most fulfilled, peaceful, calm, and satisfied even amongst the chaos that life all too often is.”

Having launched DreamMason in 2015, Terranova is now regarded as one of the world’s top 5% of coaches and is helping his clients to cultivate a perspective impenetrable by hardships.

Working with a number of high-net-worth individuals, Terranova’s client base is often searching for the next big move in their life, whether that be professional or personal, yet their preconceived conceptions about success often stand in the way.

“A lot of my clients are excelling in one area of their life, but not in another. However, their success usually makes them unable to see their blind spots since they think they have it all figured out,” explained Terranova.

“For these individuals, I get it. That used to be me!” Before getting into coaching, Terranova was successful in the hospitality business, opening over 15 restaurants in 7 states, while bouncing between New York and Los Angeles.

Yet, despite how his life looked on the outside, he was pining for fulfillment that he failed to find from fancy cars, beautiful women, and permanent reservations at the hottest bars and best restaurants. His arrogant tendencies made him unable to see his blind spots, bad habits, and behaviors that were keeping him from living a life that he was actually happy with.

This perpetual state of feeling lost but appearing satisfied persisted for many years until Terranova broke the cycle and began searching for what he was missing in his life. Through this search, he started asking questions, seeking advice, and reflecting on what he needed to change in his life to not just APPEAR fulfilled, but BE fulfilled.

What hitting his breaking point and pursuing self-discovery created for Terranova was a library of knowledge that he could apply to others who were just as lost as he was, but were unable to see it and unwilling to admit it.

“A lot of my clients have no one who is going to stand up to them and keep them in check. They are the boss, they are the alpha, they keep others in line, not the other way around,” stated Terranova. “This level of power is fantastic for professional pursuits, but if these individuals have no one to tell them the truth by serving them the hard pills to swallow, they often find that there are many areas of their life where they aren’t getting the results they desire and find themselves unfulfilled.”

“When we feel this lost, being able to handle the chaos that life throws at us can be incredibly challenging,” he admitted. “I help clients to find fulfillment, which allows them to embrace challenges in an unwavering state.”

“My clients usually know that something is missing in their life,” Terranova commented. “We start by discovering where they are lacking fulfillment and put in place a plan to remediate that, reflecting their beliefs that likely stand in their way, and challenging them to adapt and transform.”

So, one might ask, how does the process of discovering begin?

“By the time that a client has come to me,” explained Terranova, “I know that they’ve already hit their breaking point. They’ve bought that third supercar only to still feel dissatisfied, they’ve dated that person they’ve been trying to get only to realize they weren’t the key to their happiness, they’ve orchestrated that deal that they thought would finally encourage them to retire, but then return to work indefinitely the next day.”

“For these individuals,” Terranova continued, “they keep turning to external accomplishments to create fulfillment, yet they never get the results they’re looking for. When they come to me, they are ready to admit that something isn’t working, so we start by gaining clarity around what a fulfilling life - the life of their dreams - would actually look like.”

In doing this, Alex Terranova inspires his clients to realize that the life of their dreams is seldom THEIR OWN dreams.

“Most of us have been programmed by our logical brain in determining what we want,” explained Terranova. “Think about the things that people want - power, money, respect, to be wanted, appreciated, loved - we learn how to go about obtaining the things that other people are telling us we want.”

“I give people the opportunity to choose who they want to be - who they actually want to be from their heart and not from their brain.”

Terranova creates the opportunity for his clients to reflect on why their dreams are their dreams to re-determine what can actually lead to fulfillment. When inviting prospective clients in, he addresses that, “This conversation (the initial onboarding conversation) is going to mess up your head - but it’s a good thing. You can’t go back to living life exactly the way it was. We’re going to create another way. We’re going to change it up.”

Getting real about what’s in your way

Once an authentic and fulfilling dream life has been outlined, Terranova gets real with his clients to discover what is stopping them from realizing it.

He credits external factors as being the common excuse many fall back on when explaining why they have yet to achieve their dreams, “The economy, the government, my spouse, time constraints… I’ve heard it all. What’s really in the way is what’s inside. If you’re willing to go outside of your story, we can see amazing things.”

By encouraging his clients to go outside of their story, he is helping them to debunk the internal narrative mentally barring them from a life of fulfillment.

Creating a customized strategy

Why are Alex Terranova’s clients seeing their incomes multiply, their businesses prosper, and their relationships thrive after working with him?

Because, his work does not stop with establishing a goal and eliminating barriers. It goes further by providing clients with a blueprint outlining how they can achieve their dreams.

“By looking at the bigger picture, we can understand what you really want and why you want it. From there, we break it down and determine how you’re going to achieve it,” informed Terranova. “For those who are used to being the boss and struggle to be told what to do, I have no problem being that voice in their life, and I actually see the biggest results from clients who are most averse to authority.”

Ready to make a change?

“I help people to re-establish the why,” expressed Terranova. “For those who know that they are unfulfilled even though they feel like they shouldn’t be, I help them to uncover why that is in order to answer why they are on this earth.”

“And hey,” reminded Terranova, “it’s also time to stop using 2020 as an excuse. We get it. This year has been something extraordinary, but in these extraordinary times, we get a wonderful chance to learn what we’re made of!”

“There are no bad years,” Terranova elaborated. “If people are like, ‘2020’s the worst year’ that isn’t true, that’s just their perspective on it. Those who are having a great 2020, including myself and my clients, are still getting impacted, but we’re able to focus on what’s next by asking ourselves, ‘What are my goals? How do I get back into action? How do I keep moving towards the thing that I want and the life that I want?’"

Ready to start?

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