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This Air Mattress Inflates And Deflates Itself In 4 Minutes, So Overnight Guests Are Welcomed

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Photo credit: TikTok @rachel_meaders
Photo credit: TikTok @rachel_meaders

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How many times have you said that you’ll just blow up the air mattress “later” only to be overwhelmed with a sense of dread when “later” came? Those days can be gone, if you opt for Ivation’s EZ-Bed Air Mattress. It’ll do the work for you, so you can put off blowing it up without that dreaded feeling.

The air mattress comes in twin and full options and inflates in 2 minutes. Once it’s blown up, you’ll be left with a plush, medium firm mattress that’s ready for you to sleep on. Better yet, you won’t be sleeping on the floor, because the EZ-Bed comes with a frame that also sets itself up.

The twin size is 77 inches long by 40 inches wide and holds up to 300 pounds, and the full version is 80 inches long by 55 inches wide and holds up to 450 pounds. Your typical sheets will work on these air mattresses, too.

Although this air mattress has been around for a while, it TikTok video recently took off from @rachel_meaders. It shows how quickly it inflates and deflates (although it must have been sped up, because the video isn’t 4 minutes long). At the time of posting, the video had racked up 4.6 million views in about two and a half weeks.

You can order the Ivation EZ-Bed Air Mattresses on Amazon for $299.99 (twin) and $269.99 (full). The next time you have a guest — or you have to bring an air mattress somewhere — they (or you) won’t mind not having a real bed.

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