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Affinity Medical Corp. Announces Immediate Operational Capabilities to Serve Patients with Cancer, Diabetes, and Rheumatoid Arthritis via Its Clinical Network of More than 300 Physicians in Over 20 Countries

New Brunswick, Canada (ACCESSWIRE - 8/29/2013 7:00:00 AM) - Affinity Medical Corp. (AFFW); a company focused on creating a network of treatment centers that offer patients homeopathic, alternative treatments of the BX Protocol (BX Antitoxin/Energy Catalyst), which is proven to be an alternative solution to combat cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and many other illnesses; announced today its immediate operational capabilities to provide treatment to patients with cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lyme disease, Parkinsons, and other illnesses via its clinical network of more than 300 physicians in over 20 countries. As such, Affinity Medical can immediately respond and offer treatments to a large number of patient's requests worldwide. The announcement was made by Mr. Timo Strattner, CEO of Affinity Medical Corp.

Affinity's global health network, which it intends to expand in South Africa and other international jurisdictions, is comprised of accredited affiliates from the famed Delta Institute International, a global health restoration and research organization. Through its use of effective treatment supervision methods and its network of clinical affiliates, which has approximately 300 physicians in over 20 countries at this current stage and growing, Affinity can provide patients with needed care--fusing remote tactical supervision and local medical care.

Affinity's CEO Timo Strattner stated, "Affinity will build on the past successes of the BX Antitoxin Protocol on treating patients with life-crippling diseases. Stage 1 and 2 cancer patients can implement a home-program treatment plan that engages their current physician, whereas stage 3 and 4 patients should consider accessing a professional facility, equipped with the proprietary BX Protocol equipment and modalities, both of which we provide."

Affinity demonstrates this methodology clearly with diabetes patients who receive full access to education, treatment supervision, diet plans, and, of course, the BX Antitoxin Protocol and can treat themselves under strict protocol guidance set by an accredited physician within its network.

Charles van Houten, COO of Affinity added, "Our operational effectiveness lies in providing potential and member patients with a clear roadmap that encompasses that each patient never stands alone; therefore, we are committed to providing all our patients the needed facilities, treatment plans, and the required knowledge to help them fight their disease. We will fight the fight with each and every one of our patients to the best of our ability and encompass all available knowledge from within our organization and from our affiliated associates."

The CEO of Delta Institute International, Christian Oesch, is very excited to announce that the entire methodical and thought-out execution plans of Affinity touch the very core competence building activities that need to be managed accurately to assure a great customer experience. He also added that he is very confident in Affinity's ability to deliver on its vision with extraordinary success.

Delta Institute International Ltd. (Delta Institute) is a Panama-based global research organization working with Affinity Medical Corp., providing access to ground breaking cancer treatments via a web based medical culture. The Delta Institute's mission is to effectively communicate the truth about cancer and many other pathologies, its causative agent, and to provide a treatment protocol that results in the complete and total disappearance of malignant conditions. Contact Delta Institute at:

Statistics from researchers say 95 % of those in Stages I, II, III cancers could have complete resolve; those in Stage IV could have a 75% chance of complete resolve and those in Hospice could have a 40 to 50 % chance of complete resolve. This is quite impressive and far surpasses any conventional therapy. The BX Antitoxin targets the cancer from the inside out, stopping its growth [multiplication] and restoring healthy function [stopping recurrence]. No one can be told there is no hope; there is and it is here--today. For more information, please visit

About Affinity Medical Corp

Affinity Medical is focused on creating a network of patient-centric treatment centers dedicated to offering patients homeopathic, alternative treatments of the BX Antitoxin Protocol, which has been proven solution to combat cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and other illnesses. The company's mission is to make its revolutionary treatments readily and easily available to patients across the globe through affiliated and accredited medical networks and clinics. Affinity Medical pursues this opportunity to become the dominant point of reference in its region of operations for the medical communities and their patients that wish to use alternative treatment protocols, such as the BX Antitoxin Protocol.

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