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This ’91 Acura NSX Defines Intimidating, Without the Intimidating Price

Zach Doell


The all-new Acura NSX is what you’d call a very formidable machine. It readies a twin-turbocharged hybridized V6, charges hard with 573 horsepower, and if fully prodded it will get scintillatingly close to the 200 mph mark. 

Visually speaking however, it doesn’t exactly scare your socks off. It’s a rather beautiful piece of engineering.

Some of its predecessors though have grown a bit wilder in their old age, much like this one. Dressed in all black, this Acura NSX is aggressive, raw, and machismo in all the best ways, and you might be surprised to learn that it’s a 25-year old car. Seriously. The ’91 NSX recently popped up on eBay, and the rest of us haven’t stopped drooling since.

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Of course, it’s had some light plastic surgery over the years to keep it youthful and contemporary. According to the listing, the brutal NSX dons a Factory X Motorsports widebody kit, which contributes to this car’s barroom brawler figure. It also features the very-popular ’02 front-end conversion, which swaps the very of-the-period pop-up ‘90s headlamps for the sleeker fascia of the 2002-to-2005 NSX.

It’s a clean look for sure, and it continues to age remarkably well as the years grow. The sinister Koenigsegg Matte Black paint, NSX-R style front air dam, and racy rear spoiler certainly don’t hurt either.

Beneath its body, Honda’s lovely 3.0-liter V6 still finds a home, now aided with a free-breathing Dali exhaust and K&N air intake. Shorter gearing is said to contribute to an even faster launch to 70 mph, and all around the ride should be sportier still, thanks to a lighter flywheel, sport springs, stiffer engine mounts, and lovely CCW three-piece wheels.

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Inside, things are a bit more luxurious than expected. The NSX houses a reworked black leather interior with ivory stitching, black carpets, and a new carbon fiber center console. It doesn’t look like a bad place to sit.

The price for this ‘90s Japanese speed machine? $44,900.

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