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The 8 sure-fire ways to go billionaire big

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The 8 sure-fire ways to go billionaire big

Do you know what billionaires Li Ka-Shing, Larry Ellison, and Leonardo del Vecchio all have in common? We’re not talking about their bank rolls (at least, not solely). We’re talking about the humble beginnings from which they sprouted: They were all once orphans.

Today, they’re among the world’s 100 wealthiest people - and among just 8 who made it to billionaire status without the silver spoonor college degree typical of nearly half of the world’s 100 richest, according to Entrepreneur.

So how’d they do it? Interestingly, it comes down to a just a few billion-dollar tactics...

8 ways to go billionaire big

  • Invest when others are running
  • Buy ruined companies and make them great again
  • Eat with your employees
  • Try out different businesses and expect to fail the first few times
  • Spot trends before the rest - don’t just go with the herd
  • Micromanage (occasionally - and only if you really have to)
  • Take huge risks - consider them your catalysts
  • Know that any one deal could be the one to change your life (one deal can be all it takes)

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