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6 Discounted Items You Should Buy After Christmas

Wise Bread

Even if you missed some of the post-Christmas sales and New Year's deals, you still have the rest of January to scoop up some great bargains on items that might not have made it under the Christmas tree. While stocking up on gift wrap, discounted holiday decor, and other holiday basics during the after-Christmas sales is a great way to save money for next season, don't overlook some of the seasonal sales and specials on non-holiday merchandise during your shopping rounds. Many retailers mark down certain items after the post-holiday rush to entice customers to start shopping again, and also to clear out some of last year's inventory.

Here are six kinds of items worth purchasing this month:

1. Winter Clothing and Accessories. Even though we're officially in the middle of winter, retailers are looking ahead and already bringing in spring inventory. Keep an eye out for markdowns on many winter collections, as well as boots, booties, gloves, hats, mittens, and other winter accessories. Winter coats and jackets will start getting marked down as early as the end of January. And don't forget about holiday apparel and accessories, including sequined apparel, glitter-embellished accessories, and holiday dresses, which you'll likely find on the clearance rack this month.

2. Fitness Equipment at the Resale Store. Many people who realized that they couldn't follow through on their fitness resolutions from last year end up selling their lightly used fitness equipment at consignments stores. If you're in the market for some home gym equipment, consider heading to the thrift store before you scope out the inventory at a major retailer. You may be surprised to find some fitness equipment in great condition--at a fraction of the price.

3. Cameras. If you're in the market for a new digital camera, camcorder, or other photography equipment, many retailers reduce prices on these items at the beginning of the year to make way for new inventory arriving in the early spring.

4. Gift Cards. Since January and February are major redemption periods for gift cards and bonus cards purchased for the holidays, you may be able to pick up a discounted gift card from reseller sites. Gift card resale sites sell gift cards the recipient no longer wants or needs. You could track down a discounted gift card or bonus gift card purchased during the holiday season and use that card to make a purchase at your favorite retailer, restaurant, or spa. Look for restaurant gift card deals where you can buy a gift card for a discounted amount and use it to save money on that next meal.

5. Video Games. If you're up for a day of deal hunting, reduced priced video games may turn up at used goods stores after kids and teens decide they don't them as Christmas gifts, or because parents bought the wrong game and the store won't take it back. These can be discounted for a quick sale and some may have only been played a few times. You can also find good deals on video games that you couldn't afford over the holiday season.

6. Televisions and High-End Electronics. If you've been thinking about purchasing a new television set or other high-end electronics, head to your favorite electronics retailer for some great New Year deals and specials. Retailers are ready to clear out inventory for the year ahead and some may be in a position to negotiate prices. Don't forget to look at the clearance areas and consider purchasing a display model or open box item for even bigger discounts.

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